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Jesus in Genesis

300px Sargis Pitsak Jesus in GenesisBack at Easter time, I wrote a series of posts on the connections between Creation, the Fall, the First Chapters of Genesis and Jesus’ work and suffering for us. Looking around the WordPress forums I learned that it wouldn’t be a smart thing to just repost them, so here are the direct links:

Pain and the Creator

The Seed of the Woman

Jesus, The Seed of the Woman

Covering Sacrifice

The First Murder and the New Covenant

This is the heart of my belief and the heart of what God, our Creator, has done to bring us back into fellowship with Him.  His Name be forever praised!!!

Then [Jesus] said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken: ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?  And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. Luke 24:25-27

Lawn With Hundreds of Dandelions

New stuff at Creation Conversations

300px Skepticism New stuff at Creation Conversations

There are no symbols that represent skepticism. This is one symbol that can be used to represent skepticism, skeptical inquiry, critical thinking, critical inquiry, and truth-seeking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remembered to check Creation Conversations earlier this month but they hadn’t put new Free Resources up yet.  Today got an email that they’re up now.

You will be excited to hear that they have a $3,000 essay competition for high schooler juniors and seniors.

This year’s winner is Timothy Weir with his essay Skepticism and Faith.   Here’s a quote:

“As Christians, we regularly engage in conversations with skeptics of our faith, and it is our duty to defend our beliefs before them, as stated in Jude 1:3 (Holman Christian Standard Bible), “…contend for the faith that was delivered to the saints once for all.” How, then, do we fight skepticism? To answer this question, we must first understand the various forms of skepticism, how they are similar, and how they are different. By understanding the concept of root ideas, we can focus on the core issues of debate, and not become entangled in countless objections.”

Whew, this guy uses way bigger words than I do!  Think he’s been reading  a lot of old books to build his vocabulary?

Here’s the rest of the interesting Free Resources to check out:

PDF intro to The Ocean Book

And one Giant PDF of The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved

There’s more that I’ve mentioned before or that are aimed at grown-ups, too, so be sure to check them out.

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.Proverbs 25:25 


Mossy Rock

Dr. Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon, Creationist

300px Ben Carson and Anthony Fauci Dr. Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon, Creationist

Dr. Benjamin Carson, left, seated with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, listens Thursday, June 19, 2008, as he is announced as a recipient of the 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom, at ceremonies in the East Room of the White House.

This past week’s News to Note over at Answers in Genesis had a link to an article talking about the trouble Emory college got into for, *gasp,*  having a Creationist speak there!

I’m not going to say much here because the article at Evolution News is so well done.  This isn’t a pro-Evolution site, but seems to be run by the Discovery Institute (you’ll remember it’s in Seattle in the movie Expelled).  They aren’t 7-24-hour-days Creationists, but they are well aware of God being the Creator!

The Bible Science Guy has a really good article about Dr. Carson as well: Evidence for God – Design Convinces Scientists – Ben Carson

Here’s Dr. Carson’s page at John Hopkins Hospital.

And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us. Luke 9:50


Laws of Physics

300px Malben at Laws of Physics

Physics > mechanics > kinematics > Equations of Motion > Graph a(t)

Laws of Science “2. can usually be formulated mathematically as one statement or equation (or a few), or at least stated in a single sentence, so that it can be used to predict the outcome of an experiment, given the initial, boundary, and other physical conditions of the processes which take place.”

A couple of months ago I picked up a copy of Is God a Mathematician” at a discount store because it sounded interesting.  The author, Mario Livio, thinks that the Catholic church rejecting Galileo’s work proves that the Bible has nothing to say about science.

Apparently, the Church at that time believed that everything in space was perfect, so the moon couldn’t have craters even if telescopes showed them.  They also thought Joshua’s long day (Joshua 10) meant that the sun and moon went around the earth, so Galileo couldn’t have been right.  Of course, this doesn’t begin to prove that Evolution and long ages are facts (called a Straw Man Argument), but this was just a small part of Livio’s book.

It is very exciting to me to realize just how much God loves math and used it to set up His universe.  I’m not that great at math myself, but I remember how cool it was to figure out how algebra works (I just couldn’t remember how to do it the next day!).  Here’s the fist paragraph of the Amazon review of Livio’s book:

“Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” in the formulation of the laws of nature.  From ancient times to the present, scientists and philosophers have marveled at how such a seemingly abstract discipline could so perfectly explain the natural world. More than that — mathematics has often made predictions, for example, about subatomic particles or cosmic phenomena that were unknown at the time, but later were proven to be true…. how can it so accurately describe and even predict the world around us?”

Those who refuse to admit that there is a Creator have no answer to these questions.  WE DO!!

The LORD possessed me [wisdom] in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.  I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. Proverbs 8:22-23

Interestingly, there is one study of distant stars that ‘seems’ to have broken one of the laws of electromagnetic interaction.  If you want to know what that means read this Article “for kids” and leave me a comment if you can explain it!  The only thing I understand is that the way light from very distant stars is acting in the northern part of the sky is different from their southern sky cousins.  There’s a good picture of this on a skeptic’s article showing the (very slight) variation in wave length.

That the constants of the universe would have one minor exception in very distant space fits what God has been telling us all along.  And all I was looking for was info on how absolute these laws are!!!

One more point on all of these clues in the Bible is the uncomfortable fact that God has chosen to almost always disguise Himself.  God doesn’t want us to worship, serve, fear and love Him because we Must but because we Choose to. Although the Bible records a few times when God appeared to people in an unmistakable way, these times are always rare.  Even then, people sometimes chose to refuse to honor God for who He is (Genesis 4:6; Daniel 5:5; Numbers 22:13+31:16).

Jesus said: But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. John 4:23

Interestingly, both of these posts were in my email inbox today:

Absolute Proof of God by way of Chief of the Least

Why Skeptics Doubt Genesis from Dancing from Genesis

Lacy Ferns

The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 2

300px NewtonsPrincipia The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 2

Isaac Newton’s personal copy of the first edition of his Principia Mathematica

Continued from yesterday’s post:

He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. Job 26:7

This one doesn’t need any explanation as we all know this is the literal truth.  The only question is, how did Job know?  The rest of the world quickly forgot the truth.  Many people believed that a turtle held up the earth. I’ve also heard that there’s a Russian story of a whale holding up the earth. Continue reading


The “Disease” of Millions of Years

6032651688 dc375a437f m The “Disease” of Millions of Years

The “Disease” of Millions of Years gets to the heart of the time issue with the Creation/Evolution debate.  It is tempting to go along with the idea of millions of years, but it is the compromise that starts people on the path towards atheism (I personally would rather be an atheist than to believe in a god who had to kill billions of creatures to get to the level we are at today).

Without millions of years, Evolution is impossible and laughable.

With millions of years of fossils, God’s claims in Genesis 1-11 are just myths.

Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.  I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.  I have declared, and have saved, and I have shewed, when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God. 

Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall [reverse] it? Isaiah 43:10-13

Lacy Ferns

The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 1

41xrppDrruL. SL300  The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 1

Cover via Amazon

Last month I asked Dr. Jason Lisle  if he had done a book that talked about all the Bible references to astronomy.  Sure enough, he had done one called Taking Back Astronomy.  As soon as I could I bought a copy and I’m thrilled with it.  Since Dr. Lisle’s new book, the Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky is published by the same group (New Leaf Publishers, the one’s I want to write for someday), it is sure to be beautiful enough to display as a coffee table book.   But, this isn’t a book review post (I’ll do those when this blog is popular enough to get free samples to review), so on to what the Bible has to say!!

My dad showed me a couple of years ago how he had noticed God talking about “stretching the heavens,” which I’ve already posted on.  That alone is enough to prove that the Bible knows what it’s talking about on the nature of the universe. The rest of these are just icing on the cake.

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: Isaiah 40:22

Doubters like to say that this verse proves that the Bible writers thought the earth was flat like a plate, and they’re right that the word here doesn’t mean sphere or ball.  The word used for circle is the geometric word for compass it just tells you that God drew a circle on the earth.   There are two other verses that use this term, Job 22:14 and Proverbs 8:27, both of them are talking about astronomy too. As we know, people from right after the Flood were sailing the world and well knew that the earth was a sphere. But if you look at the earth from space, it does looks like a plate.  Isaiah was pointing out how big God is.  Notice that this is one of the “stretching the heavens” verses!  It is wonderful how they all fit together.

He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end. The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. Job 26:10,11

Here we have the verb “to compass” much like in the last verse.  Dr. Lisle takes this to mean that the twilight line dividing the day side of our planet from the night side is always a circle.  I hadn’t realized this verse was talking about astronomy until I read that verse.

300px Eagle nebula pillars The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 1

Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation (I didn’t invent that title)

Verse 11 is not mentioned in Dr. Lisle’s book, but I would guess that doubters like to say this verse means that Job thought there were pillars holding up the heavens.  You might want to try this idea on for size.  The “pillars” of heaven don’t have to be stone columns because the Hebrew word is the same one used for the “pillar of cloud by night” in Exodus. Perhaps Job was talking about Nebulae!

I decided to do a GoodSearch to see what kind of technology it would take to see a Nebula since we know the Ancients had telescopes. This page says what you need is a big aperture.  So then I went to find out what that meant.  Turns out the bigger the glass, the better for this and we know that’s something the Ancients certainly had.

I have no idea if this is what Job was really talking about, but it’s a good possibility.  I also found that the first “modern” astronomer to record having seen nebulae was Charles Messier in 1758. Here’s a list of his telescopes, they don’t seem to have been too powerful, so it is quite likely that ancient telescopes were powerful enough to have seen some of these objects.

Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else. Deuteronomy 4:39


A Personal Testimony to Read

300px Rubens Praying Hands A Personal Testimony to Read

“Praying Hands” by Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640)

For those of you who are old enough to be thinking about the big issues in life, like Eric Hovind mentioned in his email letter, here’s a testimony to read.  It is interesting to see Misty go through the thought process of searching out truth.  I especially enjoyed how she realized that there must be a Creator God and how she recognized the wrongness of the idea of vanishing into cosmic oneness.  I’m also glad she knew that a person is a person no matter how small and to see the attraction of people who are true friends with Jesus. 

Not being a Catholic myself, I still recognize why every church being a law to itself was troubling for her.  It is sad, but it is one of the best tactics the Enemy has for diminishing our power in the world.  She happens to be wrong about the unchanging nature of Catholic doctrine, but if there was a church that had stayed true for all these years without swerving, I would sure be interested.

I ran into this story on Barbara Curtis’ facebook page.

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: for in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.  Acts 17:26-28