Abiogenesis, aka Spontaneous Generation

Illustration of swan-necked flask experiment u...

Illustration of swan-necked flask experiment used by Louis Pasteur to test the hypothesis of spontaneous generation.

Have you gotten to study about Louis Pasteur yet?  Besides his work on preventing germs from spoiling your milk (Pasteurization) and immunization, he is most famous for proving that spontaneous generation is impossible. Which is why people today switched out the debunked name for the much cooler “abiogenesis”.

So what is spontaneous generation, and what do evolution and creationism have to say about it?

Spontaneous generation is the idea that life comes from non-life. From the time of the Greeks, people thought something like this must happen to make freshwater eels because they never saw any eggs.  People in the 1800s had the idea that maggots just came to life on pieces of meat from nowhere.  Pasteur did experiments that showed that the maggots come from the eggs that flies lay. Without flies you have no maggots.

Scientists have never seen a plant or animal that didn’t have a parent come to life.

Creationists say that God is the only one who never came into being since He IS, and time itself is one of God’s designs. This means that God goes infinitely backwards and forward in time and sideways (He’s everywhere at once).  So, all genealogies of living things have God at the end of the list of great, great, grandparents.  Luke says this clearly about people in Luke 3:38.  God is the ultimate ‘parent’ and we are all His offspring Acts 17:28.

Naturalistic Evolutionists have to say that life came from mindless non-life.  They MUST believe in spontaneous generation.  This makes evolutionists very uncomfortable, so they’ve renamed this process “abiogenic origin” [life from non-life] or abiogenesis.

Sounds so much smarter doesn’t it?

But does this idea hold water?  If your eyes can handle crossing, check this page out:  The people at Clermont College, U. of Cincinnati were nice enough to highlight the phrase that matters at the bottom of the page–Abiogenesis

“Note that while some of these steps have been demonstrated in a lab, NOBODY HAS EVER MADE A LIVING CELL IN A LAB. While people have demonstrated bits and pieces of this process, the whole process has never been done in a lab. Rather, this is a theory of how things might have happened.”

Especially notice the fuzzy phrase, theory of how things might have happened.

Because this whole idea is so impossible, evolutionists try to avoid discussions about where the first life came from altogether.  Check this debate intro from Creation Today:

“[The guy on the evolution side] defended the evolution worldview and even admitted that he pretended to believe in God to avoid answering the question of abiogenesis…. It took until near the end of the debate for him to admit he really was an atheist. We believe that his invention of a god for that evening was purely to avoid the issue of where life came from as he stated several times he was just discussing common descent and that abiotic origin was not evolution.”

That’s because it DIDN’T happen that way!!!

God is so great, so smart that He made even the ‘simplest’ living things so complicated no one could miss that they were created.

God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;  Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; Acts 17:24,25

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