Casita volcano mudslide, WikiCommons

Why did God double up on the work He did on Day 3 of Creation Week? Want to hear some of our favorite kitchen science experiments? Check out this week’s episode of the Creation Science 4 Kids show!

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Everything God does is for a good reason and we are wise to pay attention to even the tiniest details in Scripture. The world today is full of the effects of dry land being exposed to weather without full plant cover, but this wasn’t how God set things up in the beginning.

As I pointed out in another article, God can use even really bad things to make beauty, but before sin, the world would have be able to support far more life and be a much safer place to live.

You can have a look at the pictures I showed my cohosts by plugging “mudslide erosion” into GoodSearch.


Badland near Barcelonnette, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


Most web searches take you to the ones in South Dakota, which are cool.

There are more in Taiwan (all I could find outside of Wikipedia was a good picture)

Argentina, Valley of the Moon (be sure to have a look at the rock spheres there!)

New Zealand, “Putangirua Pinnacles” (I couldn’t find a good page for them, just plug in the search terms to see lots of pictures, especially if you’re a Tolkien fan)


Bryce Canyon is world famous for their pillars of softer rock capped by harder stones. We know they formed by water washing away the surrounding rock.

Drumheller Area. Again, I couldn’t find a good page, so plug in Drumheller Hoodoos)

Kitchen Experiments

It doesn’t take much to turn “messing around” in the kitchen into a science experiment. We borrowed some books from the library, picked ones that we had the materials for, and did them.

The trick is to turn on your brain first. Try to picture what you think will happen and why. Then watch for how reality matches up. It can be surprising! Even if you expect something like what happens, the power of natural laws to cause effects can be amazing.

Backyard Microscope

Backyard Microscope, where intelligence meets design

You can have a look at this new and rapidly expanding website HERE

They have a YouTube channel set up and you can friend them on facebook, too.

Grownups, you’ll want to find out more about the creator of this website and all he’s had to deal with by searching “Mark Armitage” on Search I first heard him on the Real Science Radio show. He’s got quite a story and I’m thrilled he’s doing something so positive for the next generation of scientists!

Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth; and my delights were with the sons of men. Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children: for blessed are they that keep my ways. Proverbs 8:31-32



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