Orlando, Florida

A while back I mentioned the Proof of God conference that is being held in October in Orlando, FL.  Now there is some new info about it to add to the list of reasons to attend or see if you can get some of the resources from it.

I follow Creation Today and other Creation pages on facebook (if you use facebook, it’s easy to “like” my page and “share” with your friends the things we talk about here).  They’ve been holding us in suspense about another speaker they were going to have at the conference for over a week.  Yesterday was the announcement: they’re having Ken Ham in!  One of the other “little guys” in Creation ministry commented that he probably wouldn’t have been able to get a display booth if the announcement had been earlier.  We are all just people, only some have more familiar names than others. 🙂

The cost of the conference is quite reasonable (I could afford it if I lived within driving distance), so if you have a way to get there, it would be amazing and inspiring.  Anyone 12 or older is invited.  Can you imagine what would happen if a whole crowd of teens caught God’s vision at an event like this?  It could change a lot of lives!

I’ll let you know if I find out if you can order copies of the sessions.

Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 124:8

Cheri Fields

I'm a homeschooling blogger and book writer. The gift God has given me for His kingdom is to understand complex stuff (mostly) and share it with others using everyday words. It is a joy to share God's wonders with all kinds of people and especially the next generation!