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Did you know God compares the natural world to your worn out clothes? We explore Creation Ministries International’s magazine article about how arches and other geological features are falling down far faster than “millions of years” thinking would have us believe. We have a look at biomimicry of the kind of plate armor reptiles and other creatures were designed with. Then, Joseph shares some air experiments we did and learns what makes them work.

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London Arch, Australia WikiCommons

London “Arch” today….

Wiki Commons

London “Bridge” before it collapsed

Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands.
They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:
But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end. Psalm 102:25-27

Everyone knows this is happening to the universe: things are wearing out and breaking down. But many people want to believe this is happening super slowly over millions and billions of years. We take a look at an article on how this is happening to geological features across the world in our own life times.

Current issue of the Creation Magazine

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I’ve gotten the Creation Magazine in the past and enjoyed it’s bright pictures and detailed articles a lot. It seemed like the right thing to do resubscribe and see what I could learn for myself and watch for cool things to share with you all.

This time I went with their digital only subscription. Not only could I start reading within minutes, I don’t have to worry about milk spilling on my copy!

The magazine is pure ministry. There are no ads, so every page has something cool to learn about on it. The writers aren’t paid; they do it because they love science, Jesus, and their readers. (I know this because I’ve submitted articles. One made it on the website!)

How arches and other geological features are crumbling at a real world observable rate was the first article in the current issue. David Catchpoole brings home in a personal and life threatening way the potential consequences of our beliefs about the age of the earth.

I also used his article to springboard to some other features he didn’t know about or didn’t have room to mention. When I first started this website I already knew things were falling down fast from a trip my family had taken a few years ago. There is also a feature we Americans run into in our daily lives:

New Hampshire Quarter, 2000

And what this mountain side looks like since 2003:


What it’s looked like since 2003 (pale overlay of the old face)

Correction: I’d thought this was in Vermont. It’s not!

Natural Armor

  Who can strip off his [scaly] garment?
Who can enter his jaws?
   Who can pry open the doors of his face,
so close to his terrible teeth?

   “His pride is his rows of scales,
tightly sealed together —

   one is so close to the next
that no air can come between them;
   they are stuck one to another,
interlocked and impervious. Job 41:13-17 Complete Jewish Bible

We talked about Leviathan breathing fire in our last Episode. There wasn’t time to talk about his spear-proof armor that God tells us about. The Creation Magazine has an article about engineers studying the kind of plate armor we have access to in the natural world today.

You can check out a cool picture of the tiny test plates they studied at Discovery News.

Air Experiments

  • You can (carefully) crush your own cans with the power of the atmosphere like we did by following the directions at Weird Science Kids
  • NASA has an educational page explaining what happened when we hooked up the battery to the tubes in salt water.

The tiny jumper cables and graphite rod tubes were a gift from family, but you can check out the great video we mention here:

PS I just signed up for a free Speak Pipe account. My goal is for the show to be a chance for lots of kids to share what they love about science and creation with the world. For now I can only take 90 second messages, but that’s plenty of time to share a joke, experiment, or mini field trip report. Just click on the bright green link on the bottom of my Podcast Page to leave me a voicemail!

You can always record a longer message and email it to me using a free online recorder.

Part of why I stay motivated to do the show even with all the obsticles I face with a noisy family is the opportunity this give the kids to take their science assignments seriously. If you’ve got a young person who could use some encouragement with science and/or public speaking, this opportunity is open to you as well!









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