Banned Science: When is Searching for Facts Forbidden?

Triceratops from Wikipedia (Zachi Evenor)

Triceratops fossil with horns like Armitage found

A couple months ago I ran into a great interview on Real Science Radio with one of the best microscope scientists in America, Mark Armitage. He’s done videos showing university students how to use super fancy microscopes. He’s also gone on dinosaur digs and found real dino fossils himself.

But the university he worked for didn’t want him. Why?

Because he had the nerve to take that dinosaur horn  he found and stick tiny pieces of it under a microscope.

Guess what he found: not just raw dinosaur horn, but so well preserved all the tiny bits were still in place as if it had been alive not too long ago.

How dare he!

People who want to believe dinosaurs died at least 80 million years ago don’t even think of looking for such stuff. And they don’t talk about it when someone else finds evidence for things that shouldn’t be there if what they believe is true. They sure don’t want to pay someone who might show these things to young people who might think through what it all means.

Now, Armitage is forcing the university to show what it has done. They don’t want people to find out what’s really going on, so he’s going to make sure at least some will. You can read more about this at Creation Science Hall of Fame

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Clickr Question Mark GraphicYou will hear that creationists don’t want to face the facts of science. Knowing this is happening now, is this true?

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out. Luke 19:40  


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