Book Review: Evolution Impossible

I’ve mentioned this book and its author, Dr. John F. Ashton, regularly over on facebook, but never bothered to write up a review over here. Why? This book is not for kids under 12 although it’s great from high school up (unlike the book “In the Beginning was Information” which seems to be directed at computer programmers and other info junkies).

So, how come I’m writing about it now? Because I owe Dr. Ashton one. We had struck up a correspondence when he was the expert at Creation Conversations, then, when I got the idea for my book, Dr. Ashton was the natural person for me to ask for advice. He has been more than helpful. Last week I sent the end of the manuscript which covers biology to him for review. He took time from his busy schedule (he’s a professor) to look it over and sent me some helpful corrections and much needed advice. So, the only right thing to do is recommend his excellent book and tell as many people as possible why!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first thing I noticed about Evolution Impossible is all the footnotes. I checked the whole thing and only found 11 pages out of 179 which didn’t have references. Most of those 11 pages were the half pages at the beginning or end of a chapter! Dr. Ashton expects you to search out the truth for yourself.

Then there’s the amount of math involved. I’ve heard there are fewer atheistic mathematicians than in the other sciences. Math is very unforgiving. It’s much harder to make up a believable story by bending numbers than by inventing Just So stories.

Dr. Ashton builds his case for the impossibility of evolution slowly and carefully. Each point adds to the weight of evidence making the whole idea show up more and more clearly as a paradigm disconnected from the facts. It’s been a couple of months since I read the book but the power and concreteness of these arguments still stands out to me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Being in the biomedical field, Dr. Ashton starts out with the complexity of living cells. But that’s just the beginning. He has sections on geology, radiometric dating, and the memories people retained of the Flood.

His chapter on the Big Bang was well researched but closed with the wrong conclusion. When I read his statements about the universe being static, he was still listed on the expert forum, so I shot him a note (to see what the Bible says, read my favorite post). A few weeks later he sent back the nicest reply saying he hadn’t realized this concept was in the Bible. Unfortunately, the book was already in print, so it will have to wait for a reprint before correction is possible.

One of the most delightful and unexpected things he included was the impossibility of explaining visions and foreknowledge from a naturalistic viewpoint. If you talk to enough people, you will know true dreams didn’t stop with King Nebuchadnezzar. There are things people have known before they happened or in ways impossible to explain using just matter and energy. I have the feeling this line of reasoning will influence people who otherwise would remain unmoved.

One of my facebook ladies says she’s buying copies of this book for graduating seniors. She is a wise woman. To insist on believing evolution is real after understanding the things presented in it, you have to have a serious bias. Let’s catch our young people before sin has a chance to!

Find out more about the book and author on the Author Talks podcast interview.

You can follow Dr. Ashton and the book Evolution Impossible on facebook and purchase the book in a number of places. I like to support Creation Today ($12.97), and of course, Creation Book Distributors carries it for less ($10.99)

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