Exciting news for the YEC camp!

If you forgot what YEC stands for, check out this post from Grace with Salt. Today in my email, I had a look at the new posts from Dancing from Genesis and was excited to learn about what the Southern Baptist Convention has just done. Their annual convention just finished Read more…

Lawn With Hundreds of Dandelions

New stuff at Creation Conversations

I remembered to check Creation Conversations earlier this month but they hadn’t put new Free Resources up yet.  Today got an email that they’re up now. You will be excited to hear that they have a $3,000 essay competition for high schooler juniors and seniors. This year’s winner is Timothy Weir with Read more…

Ancient Astronomy

Ancient technology Friday!!I know how much we all love to hear about how smart our great, great great…. grandparents actually were, so here’s today’s installment. I was looking around for something else and ran into this page with excellent pictures of intact crystal eyes on Egyptian statues.  Scroll down to Read more…

Black and Yellow Butterfly on a Leaf

The Resurrection

Wooded path north of Madgeland FarmI didn’t have a chance to write this up before the weekend, so this is a day late.  But who cares, it’s still Easter in Germany (they make it a two-day holiday) and I’m going to keep celebrating the Risen Savior for the rest of eternity!!

This topic was a little harder to connect Jesus into Genesis, since Jesus was the first one ever to stay alive forever after death.  God helped me remember a few things, so here goes!

Chapter 5 of Genesis is one of those chapters that is really hard to get through when you’re young and just want to hear stories, but right in the middle is a really interesting verse about Enoch, Adam’s 5x grandson.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. Genesis 5:24

Just what is this verse telling us?  We could be a little confused except that this happened again thousands of years later to Elijah: (more…)