[Podcast Episode 80] If you wanted to make someone’s jaw drop at how amazing God’s power and wisdom are, what would you show them? Proverbs gives us the answer: the size of the ocean, the heavens, and the water underground. Then we look at some of the scariest and most amazing creatures of the ocean!Storm Waves in Santa Cruz, photo credit: Christine Hegermiller for the USGS

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Why was our show Recorded Live?

We recorded this episode at the 2019 Florida Shindig. Thanks very much to the Oxendines for believing our message, and that the power of podcasting as homeschoolers was worth the effort to get us out of freezing cold Michigan and taking good care of us.

And, did you notice? The audience laughed at my joke!

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Proverbs 8:27b-29a

When he set a compass upon the face of the depth: When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep: When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment:

I mention Dr. Danny Faulkner’s article on the “Raqia” (translated “firmament” in the KJV) of Day 2, what the waters above could be, and how it connects to the background radiation.

You can listen to another podcast mentioning this possibility on the Steven Schramm Show:

Steve Schramm Show itunes link

Click to visit his shownotes page

And then there’s all the wisdom and oddness of Dr. Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory. He’s got a video right up front to get the general idea. Those pillars of the deep make total sense, but the “raqia” equaling the crust of the earth? Hard to swallow. I talked about this back on Episode 37.

My favorite image showing the “compass” on the face of the deep


Spacecraft image of the new moon in front of earth

I could look at the earth and the moon this way for hours!

The kids and I talked about how the Bible doesn’t teach a Flat Earth on Episode 36 . You can keep up with all the info you need on this topic at Creation Ministries International’s page on this issue.


As usual, we did our research at the library with some help from Wikipedia. Here are some pictures to go with the talk:


Megalodon fossil tooth held in two hands, photo credit: Lonfat

Whale Shark

Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium, photo credit: Zac Wolf

Frilled Shark

Preserved Frilled Shark with open mouth, photo credit: OpenCage

Epaulette Shark

Epaulette Shark, photo credit: bbcjk.king

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