Biomimicry: the Panel

Biomimicry: the Panel (Photo credit: elizaIO)

I’ve written a few articles on the very popular and fast growing world of God-copying, aka biomimicry. It is a funny thing how some people are trying desperately to “prove” creatures (including you) are so badly designed there couldn’t be a Creator while hundreds of others are trying their best to copy those designs.

Sharing this reality with kids is an exciting and practical way to introduce them to how smart and amazing their Designer is. The more we learn about the intricate technology in the “simplest” creatures, the more our view of God is magnified.

As Jesus’ followers, we not only see the wonder of nature, we know who to thank and worship for what we see!

Frog example

Today, I’m passing on some things I’ve run into also talking about biomimicry. Creation Evolution Headlines has a mini test letting you guess which creature inspired what technology. They make you go to a number of secular sources to find the answer, so be sure to follow along. It’d be fun to see which person got the most right, I know I didn’t do too well. 😀

A few months ago, Master Books published a book with biomimicry and worship as its theme. Made in Heaven is a colorful, easy to read book. I haven’t bought it yet because it covers most of the same topics I mentioned in my posts. The advantage of a book is that you can hand it to your kids and they can enjoy it whenever. Plus, I know the authors draw out the point of worship and authority all in one place.

It is interesting to listen to people who refuse to see anything beyond the visible world around them. They see the same awesome designs we do, but are left with nothing to direct their praise toward except the creature itself. No bug, plant, or even human is smart enough to have designed themselves. Such thinking is empty and pointless. We believers are so much richer!

They say to pieces of wood,
    ‘You are my father.’
They say to a rock,
    ‘You gave birth to me.’
All these people will be ashamed.
    They don’t look to me for help.
    They have turned their backs to me. Jeremiah 2:27 Easy-to-read Version

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