OK, some of us are going to have trouble seeing why this is a big thing, but for young people, computers are for work, smartphones and tablets are for consuming content. They are more comfortable on a touch screen than I am finding a word in the dictionary.

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Happily, there are several creation ministries that recognize this trend and have invested the money and effort to develop mobile apps to allow people to learn on the devices they have. It’s exciting to know that two of the best are focusing in on reaching the next generation!

For Kids

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The Creation Trail is one of the big pushes of my favorite independent creation ministry. Actually, although this is their project, what they mostly do is help other indie ministries connect and share our resources. For those of us who want to learn about creation it is even better than sliced bread!

As of June 2018 the app is available on both android and Apple. They still have areas to flesh out, but to find out places in the USA besides northern Kentucky to visit as a family they are great. I was also impressed with the number of animals they cover, with many of their topic pages including short video or audio clips to entertain while you’re learning.

For Teens

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Genesis Apologetics is a huge help for teens dealing with the confident claims of the evolutionary community. All of their videos (which are fun to listen to) are accessible on their app along with a page of questions to get others thinking and links to free downloadable books for teens. They even have a Submit a Question page!

This is an app all students should work their way through and it’s a pleasure to see how easy to navigate and audience specific they have kept it all. Kudos to the designers!

General Apps

I was pleased to see two of the biggest creation content producers are actively maintaining apps for us. If you would appreciate the convenience of Answers in Genesis renewing their app they let vanish, let them know. They are listening to us! (I picked the customer service option since it wasn’t an internet “problem.”)

Basically, these apps help you access all the content available on their websites without needing to go through a regular browser. Everything is totally mobile friendly and the search boxes are easy to find.

Creation Ministries International

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Institute for Creation Research

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And a paid app

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Creation Moments is available for free as a podcast, but if you want it directly on your phone they charge a few dollars to access it. But it’s available on every platform I know of!

Obviously since you are reading this you understand that technology can be a powerful tool for good as well as evil. I’m proud of these ministries doing what it takes to make their materials available in the native arena of our youth. May God work through them and bless many lives with truth and confidence!


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