There’s no way I can keep up with all these links. Please let me know if one is broken!

The Creation Science Movement is “the oldest creationist movement in the world; founded in 1932” in the UK

Truth in Science website for the UK based organization encouraging accurate education

Evolution the Lie has the usual line up of information presented in a rather cool web style

eQuest for Truth– Horses!

The Creation Club is a new, busy website started by David Rives collecting articles from lots of creationists: young and old, including me!

Classical Astronomy is particularly active on their facebook page

4th Day Alliance is another creation astronomy group with lots of articles

Evidence Web by Creation Research out of Australia clearing house for all things creation

All About basic articles covering the most interesting points in favor of our Creator God

God Did  It has a salvation side and a creation side.  Lots of evidence from design including the skeptics favorite “proofs” of stupid function!

Creation Science Hall of Fame and up and coming site collecting short bios of Creation scientists and a huge list of Darwin Skeptics!

CreationWiki like Wikipedia, but Christian

Logos Research Associates (not the same as Biologos, the Evolutionists) Creation Scientists actively doing research, for example, Dr. Steve Austin, specialist in coal geology

Associates For Biblical Archaeology direct link to Articles on the Flood

Creation Tips has a section just for Teens!

Evolution Dismantled, a website collecting articles on… well, you can see

The Evolution of a Creationist (love that title!) the story of Jobe Martin DMD, ThM and his website: Biblical Discipleship Ministries. He’s the guy who talks on the Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution videos

Earth Science Associates Dr. Robert Gentry’s scientific article site

Creation Super Library Lots of Resources to buy plus articles

The True Origin Archive Tim Wallace’s 15 year deep article collection

Creation Science (an apologetics site)

Revolution Against Evolution Essays, Resources and more from Lansing, MI

Genesis Veracity Foundation lots of info about the Post Flood world

Creation Science Today is the website of Dr. Roger Gallop, professional geologist and marine scientist. He’s the author of the book evolution – The Greatest Deception in Modern History.

Educate Truth a Seventh Day Adventist Creation Site

Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology Australian Based Creation Geology (with one of my favorite blogs)

The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation a Catholic anti-evolution group

Daylight Origins Society is another Catholic group for the truth of Creation

Society of Creation is a group for Lutheran Young Earth Creationist university professors, with conferences, audio, and more

Evolution Flunks Botany technical site on botany

A Question of Origins by Shelby MacFarlane. Articles especially on how complex life really is

Lambert Dolphin’s Library Articles on Science and the Bible (none on dolphins)

Fundamentalist Science by David Bump is a blog style website

Missing Universe Museum BTW I do NOT recommend giving their Evolution quiz to your teacher, any low grade given you after that would be fully deserved (talk about being a smart alack!). But, do take the quiz yourself to see how twisted and crazy things get when you examine everything as if Evolution actually happened.

Science Against Evolution is a “no frills” site, click on the Past websites and Past Newsletter to see their articles

Truth In Genesis has basic articles and a number of videos on Creationist thinking vs the Naturalist worldview

Creation Biology Society seems to be by and for scientists they have some serious research papers and articles and put on a conference yearly

CR Ministries covers more than just creation, but it is a main emphasis of Paul G. Humber’s ministry is on God as Creator and all people as valuable creations


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