Favorite Sites

Where I search for answers and new topics because they are sure to have studied up on them:

Answers in Genesis:  They are usually the first place I search for info about Creation.  Ken Ham was one of the most visionary of the next generation after Henry Morris to devote his life to speaking and studying out the truth of Genesis.

Institute for Creation Research:  Started in 1970, ICR doesn’t just interpret the news, they research things themselves. The founder, Henry Morris, was one of the most outspoken writers for the truth of God’s Word including recent creation and the world-wide flood in the mid-20th Century.

Creation Ministries International: They catch things AiG and ICR have been too busy to point out, like Carbon-14 in Dinosaur bones! I’ve just started getting their magazine and am highly impressed.

When I can’t find answers from these sites, I check out Ask John MacKay.  He will probably have covered it, or will respond to an e-mail question fairly quickly.

If you’ve read my posts for a week or more, you know that I’m a fan of the Creation Today show.  Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor are fun to listen to, make things clear and have some of the most amazing guests on.  They aren’t afraid to discuss some of the “controversial” evidences for the Flood that AiG and ICR have decided not to touch.

I’ve recently signed up for Creation Evolution Headlines to keep up to date with what is going on in the scientific community on origins.

The first year I ran this blog, I wrote quite a bit about people shortly after the Flood. It’s one of my favorite topics, but usually the only places to find things are pretty strange. That all changed shortly after Jackson Hole Bible College published The Genius of Ancient Man when they started a blog by the same name. I’ve learned lots more about the ancients and have come to trust their viewpoint and careful fact checking.

Long ago, before we had home internet access, I would download pages of Dr. Walt Brown’s In the Beginning book to read while my husband worked second shift.  I wish I had time to read it all through again.  He’s got some unique ideas, but that’s what it takes to be a great scientist.  If you just think along the same lines as everyone else, you aren’t going to figure anything new out!

The other things I would download because they were long and interesting enough were the technical papers from the Answers Journal.  The only article that I found boring was one study of southern Israel’s rock layers.  So, for those of you with bigger vocabularies and lots of time, these sites have a wealth of info for free.

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