I’m excited to have found some information for people whose native language isn’t English!

Wort und Wissen is a large website all in German

Creation Ministries International has translated some of their basic articles into over 30 languages. They are also looking for people who speak them to help translate more!

Website de Eduardo Baldaci all in Spanish including astronomy

Creation Super Library is in 12 languages: English • Chinese traditional • Dutch • French • German • Hungarian • Indonesian • Japanese • Portuguese • Russian • Spanish • Swedish

David Rives Ministries (astronomy) has articles in Spanish, Portuguese and his Creation Club has both of these plus Tagalog (the Philippines)

Creation Science News is a whole blog of articles in Portuguese

Apologetics Press does a lot of creation work and has a Spanish section

Focus on God has a German side as well Wer ist Gott?


Kally · at

FYI, I fixed the links to Romanian and French. Not sure what was up with that, but you can get to the articles now.

Kally · at

David Rives Ministries’ site http://www.thecreationclub.com also has articles in Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Tagalog/Filipino, and now French.

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