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Since I started my own podcast I’ve been thinking more about how to help you find and enjoy the podcasts I’ve been listening to for yourself. Then, my own trusty iPod stopped being so trusty just after getting my very first up-to-date smartphone.

So, this article will start out with my collection of Creation podcasts, and if you want some help getting your own android device set up to listen, I’m putting a get-started manual at the end.

[Update: My husband got me a basic iPhone so I now use Overcast. There was a bit of learning curve setting up my creation playlist, but once it’s set up the experience is easy and top quality.]


Psst: if you listen to any of us. Let us know. Reviews are scarce even for the big names, and often 1 star, “there’s no science here”, garden variety atheist nonsense.

My Favorites:

Tapping (or clicking) on photos takes you to their iTunes page. It’s also easy to use iTunes with your Windows PC. If you’re not going to take your shows mobile, I’d use this to access all the shows in one place.

Scripture on Creation: Dr. Ben Scripture and his cohost Scott Kump have a 15 minute radio show they also share online. He likes to take a dive into books like Job to show us the amazing science the Bible contains. He also answers questions and sometimes interviews other creationists (like me!).
Delightful style and always family friendly.

iTunes link: Scripture on Creation

RSS Link: Scripture on Creation

Real Science Radio: If you ever run into someone who thinks creationists can’t think for themselves but just believe what the big wigs tell them, send them to this show. Pastor Bob Enyart can be a little abrasive and occasionally the topic isn’t appropriate for kids (like discussing infanticide), but I’ve learned a huge amount from him and his interviews.

Real Science Radio iTunes link

RSS Link: Real Science Radio

Science, Scripture, & Salvation: the Institute for Creation Research’s main podcast is a power house for learning about creation. The shows feature a number of their scientists so you get a feel for their personalities as well as areas of expertise.


ICR Podcast Page

As of late 2018, ICR has started a second podcast while keeping the archives on their original science show. So, to keep current, subscribe to:

iTunes Link: The Creation Podcast

And their audio version of the excellent Days of Praise devotional:

iTunes link: Days of Praise podcast

The Steve Schramm Show is getting to be a powerhouse of creation and apologetics training. I’m enjoying seeing his style and content grow as he develops his own style and gets bolder in his handling of logic, evidences, and the Bible! You can find more of what this up-and-coming voice is doing at

Steve Schramm Show itunes linkRSS Link: Steve Schramm Show

Bible Q&A Podcast isn’t technically creation science focused, but both the hosts are fulltime creation guys. I love the dynamics between Tim Chaffey and Eric Hovind. Both of them are careful to point out they aren’t speaking to represent their day job ministries, but I’m loving the serious topics they are tackling and now have a place to send tough questions it would be mean to ask my pastor to cover!

Bible Q&A Podcast iTunes LinkRSS Link: Bible Q&A Podcast

The Mountain and the Word Paul Taylor, who was with Creation Today, is now heading up the Mount St. Helens Creation Center. He’s got his own podcast sharing news from that ministry but mostly focusing on apologetics. It’s been a while since he updated, but the archives are worth checking out. Doesn’t he have the best artwork?

Mountain and the Word iTunes link

RSS Link: The Mountain and the Word

The Genesis Connection by Tome DeRosa of the Creation Studies Institute is short (under 5 minutes) but packed with interesting details like how molecules formed chemically can’t ever turn into DNA because they are the wrong shape. Who knew?!!

The Genesis Connection iTunes link

RSS Link: The Genesis Connection

Answers Conversation with Steve Ham, Ken’s younger brother. His show always opens with a refreshing Bible passage and features interviews with Answers in Genesis helpers and other fascinating people supporting the truth of Scripture. (This show “has concluded its run” but has 2 years of informative and encouraging archives to enjoy.)Answers Conversation iTunes Link

RSS Feed Answers in Genesis

Creation Science Today Show: Eric Hovind and his cohosts are the best! I ran into this show when it first started and have never missed an episode. Before running into them I had no idea there were so many creationists out there beyond the Big 3. No one could be more generous and helpful than Eric.
You can watch their videos if you prefer, but I don’t find I miss much with just the audio. It’s a great way to make a dull half hour delightful.
[This has also gone dormant. I’m praying they will be able to get back to producing more entertaining and easy to understand shows soon!]

Creation Today Show Audio

RSS Link: Creation Today Show Audio


Honorable Mentions

Creation Moments Minute: This short show has been on the air since long before podcasting started out. It’s a two minute show, but that might be just the right length for you.

Creation Moments Minute iTunes link

And the separate show by the same group Today’s Creation Moment

Today's Creation Moment iTunes LinkRSS Link: Creation Moments Minute


Creation Magazine Live is the podcast version of Creation Ministries International’s TV Show. They posted sixty 9-10 minute shows back in 2013 and haven’t done any more since (you could bug them to do something about that), but if you haven’t listened yet, you’ll learn a lot!

Creation Magazine Live iTunes link

RSS Link: Creation Magazine Live

Dr. Henry Morris III, president of the Institute for Creation Research, has a podcast called Heroes and Villains of the Bible. It’s made from his sermons on Bible characters weaving in the science supporting the Biblical narrative with Scriptural principles:

iTunes link: Henry Morris, Heroes and Villains

RSS Link: Henry Morris III Heroes and Villains

Answers….With Ken Ham is short but rich.

Answers with Ken Ham iTunes Link

RSS Link: Answers with Ken Ham

Michael Boehm has been recording audio for his Youth Apologetics Training for years now and has well over 400 episodes. He talks about a lot besides Creation vs. Evolution, but the topic pops up regularly enough to include here. (This is more generally worldview focused. Some of the topics are definitely not for the under 13 crowd. Parental guidance recommended.)Youth Apologetics Training

RSS Link: Youth Apologetics Training

Creation Training Initiative with Mike Riddle. I’d heard Riddle on a couple episodes of the Creation Today Show and am very impressed with his clear thinking and passion. Now, it’s exciting to realize he also has a podcast!

Creation Training Initiative iTunes

RSS Link: Creation Training Initiative

Educate for with Kevin Conover is focused strongly on teaching high schoolers to defend their faith. It’s not all creation based, but often enough to deserve inclusion here:

Educate for Life Kevin Conover iTunes Link

RSS Link: Educate for Life Kevin Conover

Well that’s the lot. Writing this article I took a minute to contact ICR about repurposing their audio into a podcast (this was written in April 2015, since then they released Dr. Morris III’s show and then their flagship podcast!).

It’s an exciting time to be able to use driving and chore time to learn so much about Jesus and his role and power in creation. May God bless you and your family as you invest your time in things that will strengthen our faith for years to come!

We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. Psalm 78:4

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