Darwin's finches or Galapagos finches. Darwin,...

Darwin’s finches or Galapagos finches.


Next in the series Scientific Predictions:The kinds of animals, insects, plants and all living things still alive on earth are shrinking.  We never see a known animal give birth, or a plant’s seed develop into a brand new living thing.  Genesis 1:11,12,21,24,25 all talk about God creating KINDS.  Unlike the neat and orderly charts you find in textbooks, figuring out what the limits of each Kind is isn’t simple.  The Institute for Creation Research is studying this HERE and HERE’S a specific study they are already reporting on.

We are still finding all kinds of living things that hadn’t been written about in modern Science catalogs.  Occasionally, we find a live sea creature, plant or land animal that we were told had died out millions of years ago.  You’d think that would make people wonder if the millions of years are true…  At the same time, we know that many things we know were alive 100 years ago are gone now.  This is called Extinction.

Evolution says that Natural Selection will cause the highest developed and best adapted animals to do well, while primitive (that actually means early, but they use it to mean simple) forms are pushed out.  One hundred years ago, Evolutionists thought it would be good for fish to have heavy fishing weed out the weaker populations.  That ended up in BIG DISASTER we are still trying to fix.

From the production of salted codfish

From the production of salted codfish

This page says nothing about evolutionary thinking causing overfishing problems, but it does show the effects with good video clips.  Interestingly, it was only in 1989 that fishing authorities were able to break out of their long-held belief given by Huxley, “It is impossible, not merely to exhaust them, but even noticeably to lessen their number.”  [which means: it’s impossible to kill all the fish or even shrink their population].

Today’s evolutionist has had to recognize how close to extinction many animals are.  So they want to save any form of life they come across. But Evolution itself says that animals and plants dying out is ordinary and expected; after all, it’s been happening for millions of years.  There is no real loss to the world because if an animal had been better evolved, they would have done fine.

Using the evolutionary worldview, there is no problem with invasive species.  If a new animal or plant is better able to adapt to the environment, natural selection will ‘favor’ this one.  Evolution says, so be it, what else is new?

Creationism says that God made each Kind of animal by itself.  If a group of animals or plants loses its habitat or is hunted too much, it will die out and be gone forever.  Creationism also says that you can develop hybrids, for example: dog breeds or extra petals on roses, but there will never be a brand new kind of animal or plant.  So conservation makes sense in a created world, but doesn’t truly fit an evolutionary world view. Genesis 1:28

fruit flies at the bottom of a glass vial

albino fruit flies at the bottom of a glass vial

Evolutionists have been working to get one type of animal to turn into something different for about 100 years.  The most popular animal to work with is the fruit fly because it is easier to care for and has a very short life cycle.  To see some of the interesting types of animals 600 generations of working with these flies you could check out this study from NATURE [an eye-crosser for sure!] and then have a look at this page: MUTANT FLIES

Hmmm, what shall we call these ‘new’ things?  I know, Weird, Mutant FRUIT FLIES!

God’s word cannot be broken.  Much as people try to force nature to obey their ideas, nature is going to honor and obey her true master, the CREATOR.

The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: Isaiah 14:24

For more, see ICR’s: Counting Sheep Since Jacob’s Day

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