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“The largest reason Im familiar with and interested in the topic of evolution is my interest in dinosaurs. All kids usually go through that phase, but I continued it a bit longer than most, and really started to get into dinosaur taconomy and then, evolution. Bird evolution is a fascinating subject and the diversity of Maniraptorians (those dinosaurs from which birds evolved) is startling.” ~Michael Prendergast

Stegosaurus: Star Witness... but for whom?

Creation Conversations:

“I left when I was 11 years old. Dinosaurs were my big passion as a child and when I found no answers for them from Christians I stopped taking it seriously. Though I gave up atheism by the time I was in my mid 20’s, I nevertheless did not believe the Bible to be true history. It wasn’t until I found excellent creation materials, CMI in particular, that I began to take the Bible seriously. I was one of those lost. Not anymore.” ~Jerramy Snelson

“Because I could not get good answers to my question “What about the dinosaurs?”, I stayed in limbo with Christ for decades.  When I was small, I had my parents drop me off regularly at a small church nearby, I thought if there is a God, the God of the Bible made the most sense. And I knew there was more to me than this body, so there is a God, but I could not get further than that without answers to my question, “But what about the dinosaurs?”  Back then there was no internet, I was in a small town. I was in Christian places like Christian school (because the program suited me, not because it was Christian), attended church, youth group; but in those places, probably because the leaders didnt know the answer, if I asked a question, I was told or made to feel that I was lacking faith.  So I waited for an “I believe” emotion to descend and appear in my brain…..but it didnt.  I knew intuitively that I needed to believe all of the Bible or none of it.  I knew intuitively that evolution didnt mesh with the Bible…

“One time when I was still little, I drew the  courage to ask some Sunday School teacher “What about the dinosaurs?” I was told they didnt really exist.  Really?  Well that didnt sound right.  All those bones are fake? Over my young adult years, I eventually did not go to church being very busy, did not take my kids to church, and made lots of choices that were not the choices of one walking with Christ…

“Fast forward all the way to age 38, a new husband, trying a church together, we met a man who held an Answers in Genesis class series in the basement one time.  I devoured it, found a young earth creation organization, and now I run their book tables, and attend and listen to science speakers every month. The first videos that drew me in and answered the big questions were “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, and “Thousands Not Billions”…..still great resources!” ~Victoria O’Kain

Parents & Kids’ Ministers

There are answers, excellent, far more factual answers on the side of those who believe God about dinosaurs than those who want evolution.

We can’t afford to shove this issue under the table and hope for the best.

If you have a look at the kids section of any book or toy store, watch TV designed for kids, or visit a natural history museum, you know the godless culture is pushing dinosaurs hard. Kids in public schools get taught about these creatures and how they evolved to and from different organisms every year.

Let’s arm ourselves with the truth and prepare the next generation for the lies being thrown at them every day!

Best Dino Resources

Of course, a minute on Search Creation.org will find you lots of articles on dinosaurs. It’s a great way to educate yourself and your family about them. But it’s a little hard to pass this on to kids outside your home. Or to snuggle on the couch with. Plus, artists like to make a little money for their hard work. So, I’m going to list some of my favorite books about dinosaurs as well.

Dragons = Dinosaurs

Just this concept alone is blows the “millions of years ago” idea out of the water.

Dragons book double pack

Affiliate link to Answers in Genesis

Dire Dragons is my favorite dragon/dinosaur book ever. It is just as beautiful as it is effective.

Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Old Stretchy Cover

Click to Buy

Just put up a review of this book written by the guy who found and studied the Triceratops horn himself.

Modern General Guide for Kids

Affiliate link to Answers in Genesis

Affiliate link to Answers in Genesis

I had a short look at this the other day and am quite impressed. It’s well laid out with the style pictures you find in main stream high quality kids’ books. I haven’t had a chance to read the text yet, but I know and trust the authors. The Institute for Creation Research doesn’t put out shoddy stuff!

Actually, I’m pretty sure Grandma bought a copy for my sons, so come Christmas I’ll be able to tell you lots more. 🙂

Water Dragons

affiliate link to Creation Ministries International

affiliate link to Creation Ministries International

OK, so scientifically they aren’t dinosaurs, but the water monsters of old are just as exciting to learn about.

There are literally hundreds more resources about dinosaurs you can search out for yourself. A search on Answers in Genesis‘ store alone gave me over 600 results! You can choose the format and age range your family or church needs in a few minutes.

The behemoth [a sauropod dinosaur] is the most amazing animal I made,
    but I can defeat him. Job 40:19 Easy-to-Read Version

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