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Mysteries of Time and Creation

The ebook may be introductory but it is wide ranging. The author has covered pretty well all the areas where naturalistic science has made pronouncements that have challenged the Bible’s young earth and divine Creator. School lessons and TV programs will feed children with the notion that ‘science’ has actually measured great ages in ice age cores, radioactive rocks, genetic clocks and all sorts else. Cheri Fields’ book shows these are mere interpretations driven by uniformitarian assumptions. Start with the Bible, and exactly the same data supports a young universe, a young earth, and life created by an infinitely intelligent God. ~Chris Stradling

In just a few minutes you can discover the foundations of origins science many people trust. Ever wonder why museums, books, and TV are so sure about evolution and millions of years? Want to know what Jesus thinks about this idea? This short introduction to Young Earth Creation for kids will give you the basics, from Genesis to radiometric dating, the Ice Age to natural selection.

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“Written for middle schoolers, this short ebook sums up little known ideas about the age of the earth and evolution. You will not find these ideas in mainstream media because evolution is so ingrained into our society that few are willing to look at evidence against it.
…for a comprehensive overview I recommend Mysteries of Time and Creation: A Short Intro to Young Earth Creation.
Written at a middle school level, but also a good introduction or summary for teens and adults, the Mysteries of Time and Creation is a valuable resource.” Review by Annie Kate Aarnoutse on Curriculum Choice


“Highly readable and informative! Written in Cheri Fields’ enthusiastic conversational tone, kids are challenged to reconsider the foundation of some popular, but rather unfounded scientific ideas which are circulating in our time. Bravo!!!” ~Judeen Garza, Director of Bright Star Ministries, Caring for widows and orphans in Kenya


“This is a good book for kids. You kept it simple and understandable.” ~Dr. Carolyn Reeves, coauthor of Investigate the Possibilities: Elementary Earth Science series and The Big Book of Earth and Sky

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Why I wrote the book

My daughter had a 10 year old friend who comes to church when her grandma could get her there. She is sweet, loves Jesus, and only learns about the nature of the world from public school and what she can discover for herself in her Bible. There is a wealth of creation information for adults online, but very little for kids, especially when they are old enough to understand big ideas but don’t have adult reading skills yet. I wrote this book to give kids like her a taste for the answers creation scientist have for how science fits beautifully with God’s testimony of how and when He created the world.
Most materials for kids don’t tell them why they believe the world is billions of years old. They sure don’t tell them what you have to believe in for evolution to make sense. In this mini eBook, you will learn about the assumptions scientists must make in order to find deep time and a single common ancestor.
In a few, easy to read pages, you will learn
• The precision behind radiometric dating along with the ideas that cause them to see such ancient dates.
• The best evidences for an old earth and for a young earth.
• Bible passages that clearly show what God himself thinks about how long he took to create the world.
Did you know the sea floor tells us a lot about how old the earth can be? Or that the 10 Commandments proclaim God didn’t take billions of years to make everything? Even dinosaur fossils hold evidence that they weren’t buried millions of years ago.
For those hungry to learn more, the back of the book includes links to a search engine just for studying creation.
Cheri Fields has been teaching kids to read since her teens. To help kids even more, she earned a degree with honors from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She is also a creation science super fan. Combining these skills, she has been running the website Creation Science 4 Kids for over three years. Her work has been featured on Creation Ministries International and The Creation Club.
Besides saving money to take her husband and six kids (and counting) on missions trips, her goal is to get pictures with and thank as many creation scientists as possible.

But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Luke 18:16-17 ESV