[Podcast Episode 66] Where would you go to find the coolest Bible passages about creation? Ever thought of Proverbs? We’re starting a new series on how God the Creator is revealed in this book of wisdom, then meet someone who is doing what we might hope to as grownups and finish with the power that shapes our daily lives: electricity.

Lightning, photo credit: Emmanuel Boutet

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The Creator in Proverbs

The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. Proverbs 3:19

Wisdom is at the heart of how God creates. We do a little digging into what this means, you can study more by using Naves Topical guide on Bible Gateway as well.

Canyon Ministries

Woman watching Grand Canyon Sunset, photo: Nate Loper

Want to see the Grand Canyon with people who haven’t already presumed millions of years? Canyon Ministries is your best bet- if you can save your spot in time! I enjoy their regular newsletter and decided to share their story about David Losey in the Summer 2017 edition. You can sign up for their newsletter yourself on the top left of the newsletter link, or on their website.


Sunset with lightning, photo credit: Scotto BearWe found some helpful and fun videos. Check them out!

General intro:

Static Electricity:


Voltage and Amps:




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