English: Rock. Folded sandstone rock near Tyni...

English: Rock. Folded sandstone rock near Tyninghame House.

This article link is so good, all I have to do is quote from it!

Geological field trip conducted by university reveals evidence for Noah’s Flood

This was posted at the Biblical Geology Blog earlier and is very exciting because it shows how looking at modern land-forming events verifies what the Bible tells us about our past so well.  Here’s an excerpt:

“What is revealing is how frequently the geology lecturers talk about and invoke catastrophic deposition. They argue that many of the observed layers have been laid down in hours yes hours!!!!”

Do you see that in your textbook?  They’re having to teach it on the field because we see it happening.

English: Laguna Canyon, CA, 3/3/1998 -- Laguna...

Yet when mud is observed today to be catastrophically deposited, such as when a dam breaks, or a landslide or severe flood, it does in fact sort itself into laminations over a period measured in hours. The appearance of these is no different from what I observed in the field. Worse, for the long-age view, the mud shows very clear cross bedding and a clear direction of flow can be measured (and I did).

This one I’m going to add to my Folded Mountains posts:

“The lecturers also argued that the folding of the strata took millions of years. Yet when I asked, strata at pressures of 5 km of water depth and at low temperature are in fact ductile and not rigid (Greenschist facies).  They could fold rapidly, like multi coloured toothpaste out of a tube.”

And a wonderful conclusion:

All in all I was greatly encouraged to witness firsthand the uniformitarian framework applied as the guiding principle to interpret the rocks. Not only do the rocks themselves do not require this framework, but they don’t fit very well within it.

The evidence truly does work from all viewpoints.  Not only equally well, but it fits the eye-witness account we have in the Bible better than man’s made up ideas about the past.  Don’t give in, there is no good reason to!

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he rewards them that diligently seek him.
By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.  Hebrews 11:6,7

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I can relate to this, as a geology student myself. I remember thinking last spring how amazingly geology presents evidence for the catastrophic world-wide flood. People have continually failed to give God the praise due to His name, and the rocks truly do cry out. It’s amazing what kind of influence a worldview can have on a person’s thinking.



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Oops..sorry for the messed up comment. My mouse jumps constantly as I’m writing and before I know it if I’m not paying attention, it will take a few words and pop them in the middle of an earlier word. Drives me crazy! It should say great article and LINK. LOL! the other was part of the sentence that says biblical side. I really miss the old typewriter…lol.

forhisgloryandpraise · at

Great article and linblical side k! I took geology in college, and was blessed to have a Bible-believing Christian for a professor. He was really good at giving us the truth of what is true and what is false about things like carbon dating, and to teach us not only the world side, but the Biblical side too. One of my favorite memories of that class was a field trip we took to various places including the site where they studied the San Andreas fault, and used carbon dating, and core samples of earth for their study. It was amazing, and because of this experience I have loved some of your recent posts the most. One thing our prof talked to us about is how geologists around the world were discovering evidence of a great flood that covered the earth at one time in history. He spoke of how they were getting the same time period but that no one could agree exactly the date or how many years ago it was. Those, like him, who believed God’s Word were giving a period of time that proved the Bible’s story of Noah exact, but others who didn’t believe in God were arguing that it happened millions of years ago, based on Evolution and other things. My professor finally said although the debate goes on still, in his heart he knows that one day God will settle the question once and for all, and he holds on to that thought daily as he continues to work for the USGS on this great flood and other things.

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