First, you might want to have a serious look at this article from the Institute for Creation Research:

Wanted: Young Creation Scientists by Jake Hebert, Ph.D.

College Graduates

Then listen to this 24 minute podcast getting you up to speed on the True History of Science and Christianity. Atheists will do all they can to convince you believing in Jesus and the Bible is bad for science. They are dead wrong.

Stop and watch this next class!

This isn’t short, but it is a college course in creation vs. evolution in just over an hour. There’s history, lots of genetics without getting technical, and a boat load of confidence in God and his signature in the natural world. We could all learn a few things from Dr. Jeanson’s welcoming and gracious manner! It was filmed in front of American educators in June 2018:


Be encouraged, even today there are many scientists who started out trusting God and His testimony and still do after earning secular science degrees.

  • To see the kinds of research scientists connected with creation do, there is a special program for free student memberships to the Creation Research Society. This is the granddaddy of creation organizations and is always publishing cutting edge research.

Where to Study?

If you’d prefer to attend a college where the staff acknowledge their Creator God, Answers in Genesis has a page listing all the ones they are aware of. The International Association for Creation (a grassroots biblical creation group) has another similar list: Post-Secondary Schools.

For an example of the kind of training a Creationist school offers, check out what Cedarville says about its geology program philosophy of education:

“we teach both creation and evolution in our classes. We want our students to be well educated in both paradigms of earth history, and we believe this helps them to excel in critical thinking— one of the most important skills for a scientist to develop.”

Are you going to hear this kind of reasoning from an evolutionary school? Not likely!

  • If the school you choose isn’t on this list… be prepared.

Attending Public School?

Just getting into this creation thing? Here are Four steps for surviving evolution classes at high school.

Wondering what you’re allowed to share and do at school? There’s a long PDF with answers from Genesis Apologetics and the Pacific Justice Institute. And that tough question, when is time right for Speaking Up or Keeping Silent in Science Class?

Creation Shortcuts

AiG-Basics-infographicWant to get up to speed on the truth about the Bible and science in minutes? Answers in Genesis has put together a list of

10 Basics Every Creationist Must Know To Boldly Proclaim a Biblical Worldview. There’s even a handy infographic to get you up to speed even faster.

Apologetics Designed for Teens

There’s a whole website focused on encouraging and announcing the huge number of scientists who don’t think Evolution as it’s taught today can work. They have a section just for you as well: Decent from Darwin: Resources for Students.

A guy out in California has developed a whole series of high school courses helping you understand how Christians and others see the world. Educate for has videos, podcasts, articles, and classes just for you!

Bob Jones has developed a Worldview course for high school. They do a great job and have always stood firm for how and when God created.

Want to learn the facts about “human evolution”? Genesis Apologetics has a FREE download called Debunking Human Evolution designed for high schoolers (you’ll want to check out the other links on their download page as well)

Important Wordview topics to learn about

Except for some papers meant for scientists, you’re ready to tackle most of the articles posted by creationists. Here are a few of the best I’ve run into:

Understanding the basic nature of God is an important part of your discipleship. There are a handful of arguments people use to close their minds to even considering our Creator and Savior. It takes a lot of thinking and praying, but not a lot of time to get up to speed on these issues.

Jonathan Sarfati has written a thorough mini course on Why Would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering? Interestingly, even pastors who believe the fossils are millions of years old point to Adam’s sin as the ultimate cause of suffering. How that is supposed to work is beyond me, but it fits when you accept the Bible’s timeline and account of the Worldwide Flood.

Don’t Miss!

A blogger called Bryan, aka your Rent A Friend 2000, covers some amazingly serious Christian thinking and makes it funny at the same time. For example, his take on Is Luke Skywalker a Moral Monster?!?!? is one of the best articles on God’s judgment I’ve read. He’s now moved to A Bit of I highly recommend following his always fun and deep articles.

I’ve also done a series called God is Mean:

Has God Said?,

God Calls for Death,


Favorite Websites

There’s a science blog packed with stuff too complicated for the younger set, but amazing once your brain can handle it: Proslogion by Dr. Jay L. Wile. If you enjoy his style, you can check out his high school books from Apologia and Berean Builders which have helped a lot of people really “get” science.

Learning logic. Jesus is called the “logic” of God and he calls his followers to love God with all their minds. We aren’t supposed to just drift through life living by our feelings like so many in our culture do. Of all the people out there talking about how to think, Dr. Jason Lisle stands out as the best thinking and teacher. He has done a series for Answers in Genesis you can watch and now has branched out into his own ministry with logical thinking at its core.

I once had a God-denier tell me Theistic Evolutionists are a “transitional species”, meaning he saw them as almost having escaped the hold of ancient religion, but not quite. Creation Ministries International has an article about a man who proved this idea true: Review, Karl Gibersons, Saving Darwin. Before you head out into the “real world”, it’s worth thinking through where going soft on Genesis will lead your relationship with Jesus.

Just why is taking the Creation account literally so important? Because Jesus did. This article is designed for scientists and Bible scholars to read, but I bet you can handle it too: Jesus, Scripture and Error: An Implication of Theistic Evolution.

Understanding Genesis helps make sense of the rest of the Bible. For example, wait until you see how Genesis 3 explains Why Did Jesus Wear a Crown of Thorns?

Need a dose of encouragement that the rest of the Bible supports the Genesis account of creation as stated? You can do a whole Bible study on the verses that take the World-Wide Flood literally (plus some extras to back up the Scripture’s claims).
Plus you can listen to more on creation in the Bible with audio talks at the Society of Creation. The New Testament on Creation presentation lists all the references with power point so you can check them all out.

Ready to Join the Discussion?

Dan Lietha Bashing cartoon

by Dan Lietha

Jesus told us not to hide our lights under a basket, but shout what we have heard on the house tops. There’s never been a better time for obeying him than right now!

The trick is to get the training we need and have our character grow more like Jesus so we don’t drive people away by being annoying.

Creation Ministries International has a good example of the kinds of things we all deal with online and how godly people respond.

Arguments the skeptics use all the time:

You’re sure to run into people claiming “over 99.9%” of all scientists believe Darwinian Evolution. Find out the truth HERE.

And, “we know creationists who claim to be scientists can’t be real because they never get published in peer reviewed journals.” It’s a bit of a slog reading this article, but worth getting your head around: Creationism, Science and Peer Review

My friend, Cowboy Bob, talks to skeptics a lot (keeping them too busy to bother me much, praise the Lord!). He’s written a series of logic posts to prepare you for the tactics they use over and over. He also has a MUST READ post on So You Want to be an Apologist?

Occasionally, you’ll run into an old argument that Creationists couldn’t care less about learning science because they believe in a “God of the Gaps”. Find out who really believes in such a god and where we fit in HERE.

Truthbomb Apologetics has a cheat sheet on the 10 most common arguments atheists throw at us. I’ve heard a number of these personally, you will too.

This 7 minute video gives you a demonstration of the power you, the student, have to reveal the truth about where scientific evidence actually points. I can’t promise the same results, but God is still as powerful today as He was when your parents were young!


If you invest the time to watch these YouTube channels, you will easily know as much about origins as most college professors:


Crash Course Training on Creation, Teaching, and Apologetics:

The Creation Training Initiative is the ministry of longtime Creation teacher, Mike Riddle. He’s a former Marine, educator, and has worked with Answers in Genesis and other Creation groups over the years. What he’s decided to spend his time doing is teaching us how to reach people in our own places and generations.

Riddle does a number of live classes around the USA but for the rest of us he has a YouTube channel and a whole section of his website designed to help us explain our faith in a hostile world.

You can find out more about Mike Riddle’s work on this Creation Today Episode (he says you guys are some of the best at what he teaches).


Camp Infinity in Kentucky: “We offer a variety of STEM programs to best suit the interest of each student. For example, we offer programs in robotics, biology, geology, astronomy and physics. All of our programs also include a strong biblical foundation in apologetics to teach students how to present solid Bible answers to some of life’s toughest questions about origins of the universe, design, life, and ethics.”


Creationist Company is a growing group run by and for young people. Maybe you can get in on the action!

Creation Tips Teen Page,  weighty and relevant stuff for the becoming-grown-ups crowd

Youth Apologetics Training the name says it all. He has an MP3 section just on the Age Of The Earth

Creation Apologetics is a ministry focused on helping you understand and defend your belief in creation.

The Evolution Crisis,a website sharing the testimony of five scientists who turned to Jesus and His witness of creation.

Apologetics Shorts does just what it says: gives you a dose of how to think as a Christian in bite sized chunks. The author also has some high school physics videos to check out. Do you think he knows how to use his brain?

Want a website to walk you through how logical believing in the Creator God is? Check out Show Me a Sign by fivefold ministry Ireland. Then, invite your unbelieving friends to check it out too!

Apologetics Fiction Started in part by Tim Chaffey the author of the Truth Chronicles (who works at Answers in Genesis). Parents, check out this interview about the series.


Got a smart phone? You can use some of the time you’re stuck doing things but not thinking to learn more about our Creator! They get their own page with direct links.

Videos for adding confidence in God’s Word:

Origins show by Cornerstone TeleVision

Creation Today: Eric Hovind’s show (my all time favorite for learning cool stuff!)

Creation Ministries International some are a minute long, some an hour+!

Complete Creation, Alternavideo Productions & Genesis Week Ian Juby’s program

Creation Sensation YouTube channel, everything from dinosaurs and man to Evidences of the Bible

PS I can’t possibly keep up with all these links. Please let me know if one isn’t working!

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