Free Book Friday: Frozen In Time

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Frozen in Time, by Michael Oord

Living in Alaska, we all had seen the skeletons of Mammoths and Mastadons. Hearing about how some had been frozen with buttercups still in their stomachs was terrifying and exciting. What would the tundra have been like with such, well, mammoth beasts wandering around? It turns out, pretty unrecognizable.

I hadn’t realized until reading this book Michael Oord was the one who came up with the most popular Creationist theory of how the Ice Age could have worked. He looks at all kinds of evidence for this period, much of it from the 1,000s of preserved bodies and bones of the Mammoths.

From what the table of contents shows, it looks like about half the book focuses on the big extinct Proboscidea [members of the elephant kind]. The other half shows all sorts of factors and evidences for the Ice Age. Oord has included some exciting stuff and has given me several ideas for more posts.

English: Tent of Nomads in Tibet

Tent of Nomads in Tibet

There is even a section on how the Ice Age would have affected people. Oord doesn’t cover everything, it would take several books this size to cover all the info I’m aware of, but what he does talk about was eye opening. I’m itching to tell you about some of those things, too!

As we’ve come to expect, Master Books does a great job giving us a book that is high quality and well researched.

The reading level isn’t too bad, but is written for the serious layman. It would be good to have in your home library by the time the kids get to be about 12.

New Leaf Publishing Group has an article with a longer description of the book HERE

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The stormy wind comes from its chamber,
    and the driving winds bring the cold.
God’s breath sends the ice,
    freezing wide expanses of water. Job 37:9-10 NLT