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English: A small courtroom in the Supreme Cour...

A small courtroom in the Supreme Court of the Canton of Berne, Switzerland.

One of the reasons some people refuse to admit the Bible is true is the “lack of evidence.” We don’t have physical objects to prove Jesus really rose from the dead or did any of the other miracles the Bible records, but does this mean the Bible has to be taken by blind faith?

If it does, than the judicial systems of the world take a lot of things by blind faith too.

The other day I ran into an article written by a retired Australian Chief Magistrate (judge) called Can we believe the Gospels? Hearing what a judge looks for in a witness or group of witnesses is exciting and teaches you a lot. The article is long, but laid out so well, I think you can handle reading it. Just try to learn the section headings and you’ll be able to remember his main points easily.

When you’re done, see how the Mark account I covered yesterday ties in. If you were inventing a “perfect” savior and making up stories to “prove” he was all that, would you have mentioned this sputtering miracle? Considering how few Christians through the years have known what to do with it, you would have to really want to believe Mark and Peter (the one who told the stories to Mark) had such a wild imagination.

English: visual cortex

visual cortex

It makes a lot more sense and unravels a big snarl if Jesus really is the Creator God who understood our brains and bodies! We have a faithful God and a rock solid foundation for our faith. The more we learn, the more we find Him true.

Jehovah, the LORD is God, merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth; Exodus 34:6


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