“I embraced skepticism at an early age, when I first learned of Darwin’s theory of evolution in, of all places, Catholic grade school. It immediately occurred to me that either Darwin’s theory was true or the creation story in the Book of Genesis was true…

Thus began a long odyssey away from the devout religious belief and practice that had marked my childhood toward and increasingly secular and rationalistic outlook.” Patrick Glynn

If you’ve been paying any attention to what’s happening to young church goers, you know the generation coming into adulthood is flooding out of the church. Naturally, there are a host of reasons why they are rejecting the faith of their parents, but one of the major ones is a lack of confidence in the Bible.

If God can’t be trusted to tell the truth about how we got here, why should we trust Him when He says where we’re going?

In fact, many kids realize that if God isn’t necessary to create life, He’s not necessary for anything. Atheism is a growing plague among young people starting years before college. And there are many forces bombarding our kids with atheistic thinking.

But we know the Bible is true and God can be trusted. The only problem is,

trying to communicate this to my child is overwhelming

Turns out there are dozens of resources designed just to help you!

Back when I first started this website I began to collect all the websites and information I ran into helping kids like mine understand God’s creation better. My favorites are the games, videos, and other media children find entertaining.

Any time we can learn by playing and enjoying ourselves, the lessons are easier to share and they stick in our heads better.

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Hi, I’m Cheri Fields

In four years of exploring, I’ve collected dozens of Kids’ Creation Resources we can use to experience God in the natural world. Many of them are run by individuals, a few are put together by the big players in Creationist circles.

There are literally hundreds of creationists speaking out through the internet. But many of them use language and styles even adults find a little hard to stay awake for and understand.

The ones on my PDF are different: they’re interesting, beautiful, or even make you laugh as you learn

Whether your child is looking for a fun time on the internet, needs a science fair project idea, or you want to know what the best resources and experiences (museums, camps & more!) for investing in your kid’s future are, this list will help you find what you need hassle free.

Using these websites and resources makes your job that much easier!

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“I was robbed of my confidence in God by a thief called Darwinism; and for thirty years there was a hole in my heart where that confidence should have been. But in His grace, God gave it back to me.” ~Dr. Gerald Culley

“THANKYOU, Cheri, for all your hard, wonderful work for kids. We are going to use every bit of this to raise the best educated orphans (and widows) in Kenya.” Judeen G. for Bright Star Ministries and Bright Star Kids of Christ

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