[Podcast Episode 38] It’s been camp week here and I also headed out for the Creation Research Society conference. So, instead of the usual format, I just paused our discussion of a book Stephen had picked up at the library until we could pull out the microphone and record our conversation for you!

Cow Jumping analogy, Donald Batten, Ph.D.


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This episode gets to the heart of what I do for my own family and you can easily do with your own. The naturalistic worldview has only a few pillars to hold up its view of how everything got here and they don’t support much weight when you examine them clearly.

Let’s Teach our Kids Evolution

A couple years ago I wrote an article for Creation Ministries International about my philosophy of exposing children to the world’s teachings about origins. This podcast puts my ideas into action.

Instead of only allowing my family to look at books published by creationists, I let them read all kinds of science books but then unpack what they are telling kids. This discussion used what I’ve learned on a number of different subjects:

These are issues I believe every parent needs to understand whether they are into science or not. Praise God, since he has the truth we don’t have to study a huge amount to recognize his ideas are better!

Where I got that quote

Cover of Evolution's Achilles' Heels

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Creation Ministries International has put out both a high quality documentary and book titled Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels recently. I’ve seen the documentary and was impressed by both how well put together it is and how authoritative its speakers are. It’s a bit deep for the youngest set, but with the bite-sized sections and graphics it would be wonderful to watch as a family or small group and let the kids absorb at their level.

The book is rich and a bit long and I’m just getting started on it. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it soon!

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. ~Jesus

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