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Ancient Technology

This is one of my favorite subjects and seems to be fascinating to all of you as well.  It is thrilling to see just how smart our great, great, great,…..grandparents actually were! These posts are in published order: Creationist’s Prediction Read more…

Jesus in Genesis

Back at Easter time, I wrote a series of posts on the connections between Creation, the Fall, the First Chapters of Genesis and Jesus’ work and suffering for us. Looking around the WordPress forums I learned that it wouldn’t be Read more…

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The Accuracy of the Bible on Astronomy: Part 2

Isaac Newton's personal copy of the first edit...

Isaac Newton’s personal copy of the first edition of his Principia Mathematica

Continued from yesterday’s post:

He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. Job 26:7

This one doesn’t need any explanation as we all know this is the literal truth.  The only question is, how did Job know?  The rest of the world quickly forgot the truth.  Many people believed that a turtle held up the earth. I’ve also heard that there’s a Russian story of a whale holding up the earth. (more…)

Ancient Astronomy

Ancient technology Friday!!I know how much we all love to hear about how smart our great, great great…. grandparents actually were, so here’s today’s installment. I was looking around for something else and ran into this page with excellent pictures Read more…