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I’ve written each article here with 10-12 year olds in mind. However, to show the factual nature of what I’m talking about, there are tons of links. Whenever possible, the links are to .edu sites or places like National Geographic which just present Evolution as fact and are likely to make everyone’s eyes cross.

Sometimes I have to use articles from ad-supported pages. If possible, I choose sites with the fewest, but ads can’t be completely avoided. If you want to let your child follow these links, most use cookies and show ads to commercial websites the computer has visited recently. You might try visiting some on purpose so nothing shocking turns up.

If a page had any pictures graphic or “adult” in nature, I didn’t link to it. Except for one or two of starving/ sick people with warnings on my article.

I’ve set up my site so MY kids can wander it freely when they are 11 or 12

Rural Bangladesh - Kids, Computers, and Macs 1...However, every family is different. I’ve always expected parents to be involved with their children’s interactions here as anywhere on the web.

There’s no way to check out every page on a website. Just because I’ve checked out the page in the link does NOT mean every page on the site is safe. You know how to best handle these realities for your family.

If a bunch of you leave comments begging me to, I might do a “just for kids” site with no links. But only if you really think I must! 😀

My hope is for families to learn and discuss these things together

Daddy and EmDoing this blog has been so much fun because the only test is whether you all can understand what I’m learning. Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean it’s time to let your brain idle! Be involved. Read these things together. Follow the links I recommend and explore the vastness of God’s Creation!

Kids are a great excuse to do all kinds of fun things. Learning science is one of them!

Yes, when they see all their children,
the children I myself have made for them,
they will honor my name as holy.
They will respect the God of Israel. Isaiah 29:23


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