Swimming upstreamA while back I asked a couple of Creation speakers some questions. Here’s one of the most pressing, “how much money do we have to spend getting creation resources for our kids? are they only going to get socks and science DVDs for their birthdays?”

The two responses I got were both kind of evasive. Which wasn’t fun to hear even as a science-loving mom. I like searching out the perfect gift to make my kids’ faces light up with glee. Somehow, I don’t think educational DVDs are going to have that effect!

Here are a couple of thoughts I’ve had:

  •  I really think finding a way for families to pool their resources and have a sort of Creation Science Club to trade resources is a great idea. If you’re a homeschooler in contact with other families, this would be pretty simple. If you’re part of a church with 3 or more families interested in arming yourselves with the truth, you could do this. If you’re a loner on purpose, maybe it’s time to do something about that state. If you have no choice, I get it, but it’s going to be harder (as you well know).
  • Today I was listening to a program talking about how we as Jesus’ followers need to exercise our minds. One of the first things they asked is, how much of your free time is being consumed by mindless entertainment? Ouch! I know how painful this can be.

One of the things any parent will have noticed is that parenthood is designed to strip us of our selfish nature. At first we have no choice, but eventually, the needs of our children are no longer ear-splittingly urgent! As the munchkins get bigger it’s easy to slip back into old habits of treating our lives as our own. We can always teach them what they need for life tomorrow. But, tomorrow keeps fading until it’s too late UNLESS…


Once or twice I’ve caught a bit of a Christian radio show (never did catch the name) that focused on the need to live intentionally. This isn’t a word we use often in everyday speech, but it perfectly describes our calling as God’s people. Our children are not our own to do with as we please; we don’t even belong to ourselves. A steward won’t get away with saying, “I’ll get around to it someday” for very long, neither will we. So,

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  • Maybe, as it turned out for me this year, one of the best solutions is to get the educational stuff for yourself. I know how tantalizing the newest techno tool/toy or gorgeous feminine trifle can be, but what better way to show our kids that God’s truth really matters to Daddy and Mommy?

It isn’t just about our money, either. It’s about our focus. As you can see by checking my Links tab, there’s oodles of info available for free online. It just costs your time and attention.

And [Jesus] said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9:23

Timothy, you are a son to me. Be strong in the grace that we have because we belong to Christ Jesus. 

What you have heard me teach publicly you should teach to others. Share these teachings with people you can trust. Then they will be able to teach others these same things. 

As a good soldier of Christ Jesus, accept your share of the troubles we have. A soldier wants to please his commanding officer, so he does not spend any time on activities that are not a part of his duty.

Athletes in a race must obey all the rules to win. 

The farmer who works hard deserves the first part of the harvest.

Think about what I am saying. The Lord will help you understand it all. II Timothy 2:1-7 Easy-to-read Version

For more on this topic, you can listen to the podcast on Parents Academy: Lecture Hall


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