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Ever tried to picture what the first life on earth really looked like? God tells us! We take some time to look at the process people must believe in if they refuse to remember God created them: Spontaneous Generation. We spend a minute thinking about the different classes of plants, and then hear from Joseph about his favorite plant eater: Pandas!

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And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass… Genesis 1:11

Spontaneous Generation

Swan Flask used by Pasteur

Swan Neck Flask like Pasteur used

I’ve had fun taking you to different websites talking about Spontaneous Generation (grownups now prefer “Abiogenesis”, it sounds cooler). It’s a whole area of belief people teaching evolution don’t like kids to think about. “Evolution,” they will tell you, “doesn’t discuss how things got started. It only deals with how something already alive changed into something new.”

But they don’t want us to talk about a Creator. They tell us believing in something we can’t reproduce in a lab is unscientific.

They can’t reproduce their belief in a lab either.

We’re both trusting in something we can’t study. As for me, I’m going to trust in my Savior who took the time to tell us how He spoke life into being!

The article I did on Louis Pasteur and Spontaneous Generation is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it a lot too!


Botany is a fun subject to learn about, but it wasn’t easy finding a good website to send you to just talking about the basic divisions of plants. I ran into this one without ads, Natural Perspective: The Plant Kingdom. Well laid out with interesting (small) pictures.Seed Types, Wiki Commons

I also ran into a PDF with lots of great pictures talking about Angiosperms and Gymnosperms. Can’t remember what those stand for? Check out the page. They’ll have you up to speed in a minute or two.

There’s also a PDF of a Homeschooling unit on Botany. It was a little heavy, but you’ll find out how we developed out modern classification system and about all those Latin names.

Near the end of this section I mention Living Fossil Plants. That article was a lot of fun to write. I’ll be you find out some surprising things from it!

I ran into a couple scientific papers on Search talking about ideas on where microbes fit in to Creation Week. AiG: Microbes and the Days of Creation covers the topic pretty well. And for mushrooms and such there’s AiG: Fungi from the Biblical Perspective.


Panda Cub in a Tree, Wiki CommonsWe got most of our information from a library book, but you can explore more about them at:

The book we had been looking at in trying to help Pandas survive was over a decade old, so we looked online to find how their numbers are doing in real time. World Wildlife Federation has a short page talking about how they count wild pandas and how many they figure are out there. It was exciting to see there are more pandas alive today then just a few years ago.

PS I also like the Red Panda. They are just as cute and endangered, but far less well known.

God blessed [Adam and Eve] and said to them, “Have many children. Fill the earth and take control of it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the air. Rule over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:28

Those who are trusted with such an important work must show that they are worthy of that trust. I Corinthians 4:2 Easy to Read Version


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