How much do you know about Creation Science?

Take this quiz and find out!

True or False: Neanderthals and other hominid fossils clearly show humans developing from apelike ancestors


To develop new features, evolution would require:


True or False: Fossils dated to millions of years old still have preserved whole cells and even DNA in them.


Which part/s of our body is/are leftover junk?


True or False: Carbon 14 dating has shown the world is super old.


The distance we can see into the universe is a sure sign that:


Which of the following is NOT true:


True or False: There are sedimentary layers that spread across vast areas and even between continents.


Studies show people are getting:


What percentage of DNA do humans and chimpanzees share?


Which of these animals would Noah have taken onto the ark?


Which view of origins is based on faith (belief in what we can’t see happening)?


True or False: Many things the Bible claims about history have been found in the archaeological record.


Sedimentary rocks cover approximately 75% of exposed crust. Most of this is known to have been formed by: