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An aardvark at Detroit Zoo

“Aardvarks are a blast from the past. The genetics of the Aardvark goes back 160 million years, back to the Jurassic period” What Do Animals Eat?

Well, not that far back, but aardvarks do go back to just 6 days after the universe got started!

Antelope male looking up

“The aardvark is the last surviving member of an odd and primitive order of ungulates (hooved animals) and might have survived by evolving away from hooves, and developing the incredibly powerful claws it uses to dig sleeping burrows and devastate termite mounds. The aardvarks closest living relative is probably the elephant.” Animal Facts Encycolpedia

“Might have survived by evolving…”? We finally have a set of “fuzzy words” to work with! Sounds to me like they’re dreaming up a just so story.

Elephant shrew

Elephant shrew

Recent genetic studies (increasingly supported by morphological and palaeontological studies) have suggested that aardvarks are closely related to the dassies (hyraxes), elephants (proboscideans), golden-moles (chrysoclorids), manatees and dugongs (sirenians), tenrecs, and more closely the elephant shrews (macroscelids) Aardvark

These genetic studies make fun reading. It used to be the only thing Evolutionists had to go on when putting together a “tree of life” was how something looked and acted. Now, things are getting completely reshuffled because of genetic studies.

Lego bricks

Here’s what they won’t think about. When a Lego (or any other) designer plans out a new item, do they make every piece from scratch? Not if they can help it. They repurpose and recycle perfectly good designs from other projects for the next one. Just because a lot of pieces are similar or even the same doesn’t mean one gave birth to the other.

You don’t have to have a common ancestor to have similar plans and parts, a common designer makes just as much sense, or really, way more sense!

I made the earth and all the people on it. I made all the animals on the earth. I did this with my great power and my strong arm. Jeremiah 27:5 Easy-to-read Version

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