Podcast Episode 46: Did you know the Bible gives us enough dates to calculate the age of the earth and where different people fit into history remarkably accurately? We explore this, then visit Kids Find Truth.com to see how those who reject the Bible come up with their dates, including the place of Carbon-14 in their thinking, and then shrink down to examine atoms, the building blocks of matter.

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The Bible’s Timeline

Genesis 10:6 The sons of Ham: Cush, Egypt, Put, and Canaan. English Standard Version

Galatians 3:17 This is what I mean: The agreement that God gave to Abraham was made official long before the law came. The law came 430 years later. So the law could not take away the agreement and change God’s promise. Easy to Read version

There is nothing vague or mythical about the way the Bible presents our history. It tells us Noah’s grandson started the country of Egypt. It even tells us exactly how long it was from God’s promise to Abraham to Moses’ trip to Mount Sinai.Lebanon Hillside, photo credit: Sandybellee

Lita Costner at Creation Ministries International walks us through all the puzzle pieces the Scriptures give us to assemble an accurate picture of our history. You won’t want to skip everything she covers, but here’s her conclusion:

“This would mean that 1 AD would be around 4150 AM, plus or minus less than 50 years, and today we would be around 6150 AM, plus or minus less than 50 years.”

AM means from the beginning of creation. That is quite a thought!

The World gives us quite a different picture. Why?

Ever since I studied the amazing archaeology at Gobekli Tepe I’ve assumed the stretched out dates we find in history books, TV specials, art museums, etc. were based on Carbon-14 dating. Turns out that’s just a small part of the picture.

I used the new service at

Kids Find Truth Ultimate Science Club

Click to visit

to Ask a Scientist and ended up hearing from 4 of them! Here are some highlights:

Dr. Terry Hurlbut: “Bear in mind that many Pharaohs of Egypt and Emperors of China reigned concurrently, in different parts of their respective territories, long before their eventual unification. This is especially true of Egypt, which has a “rubber chronology,” as even the experts admit.”

Dr. Jay Wile: “There are some dates based on carbon-14 dating.  The problem with carbon-14 dating is that it has to be calibrated, because the amount of carbon-14 in the environment is highly variable.”

Dr. Ronald Stewart: “Man’s written records usually cannot be traced back any earlier than about 2350-BC at the earliest within 50 or so years after the global deluge.”

And my favorite because of how thoroughly he covers Carbon-14 is a whole PDF from Jay Auxt:

“First of all, how are the old civilization ages determined? Not by Carbon 14. Like the geologic
column, these ages are determined by a “scheme.” The “scheme” for the geologic column is
based on the millions of years expected to build mountains, erode mountains, and fit with
evolutionary dogma. The civilization age “schemes” attempt to fit the preconceived notion of
the long ages between the Stone, Bronze, Iron, and Modern Ages.”

“These specimens are not that old! Anyway (back to my story) they measured the Carbon 14
contents of a particular “ice age” clam. The ice age would have occurred shortly after the flood.
In every case, the “apparent age” of the inside of the clam shell “appeared to be” 6000 years
younger than the outside.”

(Oops, I flipped the inside of the clam with the outside on the podcast.) 😀

Here’s the graph he did showing the increase in Carbon-14 from known specimens both in the fossil record (on the left) and moving towards the present:

Jay Auxt Percentage Modern Carbon graph

Jay Auxt Percentage Modern Carbon graph

Wild, isn’t it?!!!

Your family can sign up for this new ministry, ask your own questions, and get involved as they develop their science curriculum.


We learned about Democritus from The History of the Atom, found a fun and highly informative PDF on Atoms and the history of our understanding from Science with Mr. Enns, and used these videos to understand more about how the electrons orbit:

Bonus video of the Periodic Table:

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