an interview with Dr. Ron Neller by John MacKay

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Ever heard someone say Christians are holding on to blind faith? That someday science will force everyone to recognize there isn’t a God?

Have a listen to this story.

I ran into this YouTube video last Fall and was super excited by it:

It’s a 5 minute appetizer for the whole show and I could hardly wait for more.

In fact, as soon as I had a little extra funds in my business account this went to the top of my list to buy. Today I opened my own copy and sat down to watch the whole thing.

Ah, my favorite, stories of how people find Jesus. And this one involves science. 😀

If you watch the preview you get a feel for the whole DVD. It’s a little hard to listen to with the echos, although I didn’t miss anything important. It would have been nice to have subtitles, maybe I’ll write them about adding some in. There are no fun graphics or panoramas. In fact, there are no special effects at all.

Instead, you are the third person in this comfortable room (imagine an extra comfy chair to go with theirs), listening in as two friends share one story.

And, what a story it is!

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You’ll still want to watch the whole thing for yourself, but here are the highlights to reaffirm our faith and encourage others to be openminded.

  • Dr. Neller got his PhD in flood processes. He focused on real time, observable changes in landscapes.
  • His background wasn’t Christian. In fact, Neller described himself as 94% atheist. He didn’t even pick up a Bible until after encountering Jesus.
  • He traveled the world meeting lots of scientists in many fields.

What he found was how many things they just assumed were true. It wasn’t the facts forcing them to see things, it was their desires. They made leaps of faith in order to see evolution and long ages.

One interesting point Neller drew out was this: scientists will add extra things to the data with no evidence. For example, they were studying shallow sea sediments off the coast of Hong Kong. They all agreed there were only signs for a single, huge flood. But the paper they wrote claimed there had been earlier floods whose markers had been washed away.

No one could disprove them, but they didn’t believe this because they found something, but to soften the evidence they did find.

I’ve heard other people talk about this next one making them rethink what they’d always been told:

When the data gives you a bunch of different answers (like happens with radiometric dating all the time), the interpretation they would go with was what they wanted to be true.

For years Neller wasn’t a Christian. He wasn’t interested in being a Creationist, but he was interested in telling the truth.

This made his fellow scientists uncomfortable. They told him not to talk about a single flood or they might all lose their jobs.

Later, his university told him not to lecture on the history of modern western science like he had any more. Why? Because he pointed out it was a belief in a rational God creating a world with rational laws that started the whole thing going.

Of course it was true, but they didn’t want the undergraduates finding out.

All of this left Dr. Neller “mystified” and “confused” for quite a while. He didn’t think about the facts causing him to recognize the reality of God, but the other scientists knew this would happen. And he had family and friends praying for him.

As it turned out, recognizing a worldwide flood didn’t force Neller to submit to Jesus. For some time he was content to know God was out there but at a distance. How he got past that and came to know Jesus for himself I’ll leave for you to find out when you watch this yourself.

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Romans 1:19-20

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