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I’m trying to put together a post on large scale erosion and having more brain freeze than usual. But, then I ran into this great experiment to add to my page on Science Fair Projects!

Science Buddies has a really awesome looking experiment to make Model Rivers with Cornmeal, Sand, & Water. It took me a minute to figure out that the rest of the info (with great pictures) is hiding behind tabs like “background” and “materials”. But, then the whole thing got really exciting.

English: River Erosion Gais Gill Small scale b...

Gais Gill Small scale but significant erosion of river bank.

The project is set up to study river erosion. What if we widened the vision to study continental scale flooding?

Can you imagine planning a way to pour water down the slope from a much wider opening? What would happen when the whole thing was tipped at a steep angle so the water flows really quickly? What happens if you flatten the slope some so the water flows more slowly?

I bet you would get some very interesting results to share!

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