Uncommon Goods Deep Sea Sand Art

My mom brought over her Christmas catalogs yesterday and I ran into one of these.  I remember having a cheap water/sand art window when I was a girl.  It was mesmerizing to watch the sand swirl into new layers and shapes as I turned it.

Why am I urging you to buy a fancy desk toy for your kids?  Have a good look at the picture.  You have water, sand, grit, and in this model: gold flecks. Right away you are aware of how these different elements work together to produce thin laminations and different formations in a few seconds.

This is a toy that shows geological, sedimentary processes right before your eyes.  It is a science experiment you can do over and over again.  The best part (as a mom), there’s no mess to clean up!

Who’s going to believe in layers taking years and years to form when you see them form almost instantly at home?  This is REAL science not speculation based on what someone wants to be true!

If I had a spare $85 plus shipping, I would get my family the one in the picture because it has such beautiful gold flecks in it to add extra dimension to the layering.  The same store also has a few other designs that should last a long time if you can afford them (click on the picture link to go to their store).

For the rest of us, there is quite a collection at the “Office Playground” with prices right around $20. Sorry for you international people; if there’s a non-USA site, I didn’t find it.

Of course, this doesn’t replace getting some good written materials (it will take years for me to have enough posts to give you all the basic info for free!).  My Creation Links has a whole section on resources with all the main stores listed.

The whole universe is God’s; it can’t help but prove Him true when we actually examine it carefully!

The earth and everything on it belong to the Lord.
    The world and all its people belong to him.  Psalm 24:1 Easy-to-read Version

Cheri Fields

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