Creation Links: New (to me) Sites plus- My Favorites: Blogroll

In the last week I’ve run into two more creation websites to add to my rolls.  It is amazing to see how many people are speaking out on this issue.  It is extra fun to check them out and share them with you!

Creation Engineering Concepts is run by J.D. Mitchell, an engineer out in Oregon.  Since he travels around giving a number of talks on different aspects of God’s design and creation, I’ve added him to my “Traveling Speakers” page. You want to see how we find fossils?  Check out his amazing photos of fossil hunting in the Green River Formation.  Some of those fish look like they were pressed between two books, scales and all!

This morning I got an e-mail offering a link swap (how exciting!).  This site is called God Did It dot org.  Now, there’s a great name (and it doesn’t start with “creation” like most of us do so you can spot it easily).

He’s got a salvation side and a creation side.  The creation side has some great stuff laid out with pictures that pull you right into the links.  He’s not afraid to talk about some of the skeptics favorite things like supposedly “bad” functions that prove random mindless development (for example: your eyes).  Cool design, plenty of information.  Awesome!

Now, I’ve been talking to one of the other WordPress bloggers who specializes in creation science.  On my Saturday links post, I haven’t been sending you to any of the regular bloggers because I don’t want the post to get too long (besides, you can just follow them for yourself).  So, here are the ones I follow and have added to my blog roll:

  • They Speak (formerly Already Answered) is run by Jacob Howard.  He’s just a year or two ahead of you guys!
  • Birds of the Bible For Kids along with her grownup blogs Lee’s Bird Watching Adventures Plus and Birds of the Bible.  If you like birds, you will be in heaven.
  • Scripturosity has wonderful, meaty posts on things like jewels and the Ice Age in Job.  The posts don’t come that often, but when they do it’s worth the time to read them
  • A Great God and Good Coffee. Eric Reinstedt blogs over at Blogger, but we’ll forgive him. A decent fraction of his posts talk about creation and you might just enjoy the rest as well.
  • Seeing Creation always has wonderful pictures and thoughtful posts.  They’ve been blogging for a long time, so if you could use some spiritual refreshment, their archives might be just what you need.
  • Piltdown Superman” aka Cowboy Bob and The Question Evolution Project has been a big help over on facebook dealing with all the skeptics.  His latest posts have covered feathered dinosaurs and a lot of the illogical thinking of the naturalists.  Remember to cut him some slack on politeness because he was one of them just a couple years ago.  God is awesome!
  • “Things I want my Grandchildren to Know” is a really fun blog by a brave lady living full-out for Jesus in California!  She has a section on creation that is quite good; personally, I like her category on Favorite stories of how God moves in other people’s lives best.  It’s all about Him!
  • Grace with Salt does posts on creation so often I stopped passing them on ’cause it was getting overwhelming.  Looking at the most recent posts, creation seems to be the main theme for this traveling Christian Apologetics (explaining why we believe) speaker.
  • The Bible-Science Guy seems to be on a Bill Nye kick.  That video of Nye’s said what we’re up against so clearly, it’s hard to blame him.
  • God’s creation through my eyes is a photo blog with just a few words.  It is delightful to share God’s wonders with others who GET IT!

There are some more blogs run by other ministries and such on my blog roll page, but these (except Pastor Reinstedt’s) are just a click away to follow for WordPress folk.

Please let me know if you’ve run into any more blogs or websites that I’ve missed.  My goal is to have a link to every creation website worth visiting here.  Just scrolling through the names is a great encouragement!

Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. I Kings 19:18