Shopping for our Children’s Souls, 2013

Stack Of BooksI’ve been ignoring all the pre-“black friday” sales reminders on facebook and in my inbox. But, today it’s time to pass on the wealth of resources we have for training up our kids to recognize their Creator God!

From what I can see, pretty much everyone listed on my Resources Page is having oodles of sales right now. Just following the links should help you see the deals they’re offering right now.

Master Books (the biggest Creation publisher by far) is having a sale through Saturday only. If you have a chance, they’ve got some great stuff. For example, I’ve only read one of their Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers, but was very impressed by the quality of apologetics offered on a 5-7 year old’s level.

Creation Today is having two sales, one for right now, and one for Cyber Monday. They’ve got some fun toys as well as great selections of educational stuff.

This week, our family is taking advantage of Christian Book Distributor’s FREE shipping on $35 or more, since they offer practically all the Creation related resources* plus Bible studies, games (I’ve been wanting Bible Apples to Apples), Bible covers, and lots more at one discounted spot.

*Except those produced by a specific organization, like Creation Ministries International.

There’s one book I’d like to get soon and tell you more about it from Creation Ministries International. Their book Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb looks amazing and the testimonies I’ve heard about it sound like it’s worth the investment.
CMI also has more than just a USA web store, so you might be able to purchase from them using your own currency!

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If you aren’t sure what to invest in, I’ve written about a handful of books and DVDs. You can scroll through my Reviews category to find something that suits your family. For kids who’d rather watch anything educational than hear the same things from a book (like mine), the DVDs I’ve reviewed are all worth while:

Last year, I recommended getting some kind of sand/water art to let your kids see how quickly layers can form. We did buy one for our kids. It was beautiful and got played with regularly by all of us. That is, right up to the day it got left on the edge of the table and broke. So, if you have careful/older kids I still recommend getting one of them!

No, Christmas isn’t about stuff. But there are times when investing in the right “stuff” can be a huge blessing. What better way to celebrate Jesus’ incarnation than by helping the next generation recognize Him as Creator?

We will not hide them from their children, showing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he has done. Psalm 78:4 

Shopping for Your Kids Faith: Cyber Monday

Well, I’m taking my own advice and getting my family a sand picture.  Only, I’m not getting the ones I mentioned.  I can’t justify the fancy one this year, but I want one that’s not likely to break as soon as a preschooler tries it out, so I’m compromising with one I found at Amazon (they also come in other colors for the same price). It’s just 6″ across, but bigger ones are pricy.

Next, I headed over to Creation Today’s store because I saw they had a 3 books/DVDs for $30 sale.  Wow, are there some good ones in that group.  I’m getting the book Persuaded By the Evidence with its biographies of real, modern people; 288 pages of how people became convinced that the Bible is right sounds awesome!

Also in the list is a whole series of Exploring the World books from Master Books.  We’re going to get the one on mathematics for my math-loving son, and my husband wants to check out the physics book. Both are recommended for elementary ages and up.

I think I see some more book reviews coming up!

Happy shopping. 🙂