Newton fractal, image credit: Solkoll

Laws of Physics

Newton fractal, image credit: Solkoll

[First published in May, 2012]

Why can we describe the world with “laws”?

Equations of Motion

“There are four major concepts in science: facts, hypotheses, laws, and theories,” Coppinger told Live Science. “Laws are descriptions — often mathematical descriptions — of natural phenomenon; for example, Newton’s Law of Gravity or Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment. These laws simply describe the observation. Not how or why they work.”

A couple of months ago I picked up a copy of Is God a Mathematician” at a discount store because it sounded interesting. The author, Mario Livio, thinks that the Catholic church rejecting Galileo’s work proves that the Bible has nothing to say about science.

Apparently, the Church at that time believed that everything in space was perfect, so the moon couldn’t have craters even if telescopes showed them. (An idea that originated with Aristotle.) They also thought Joshua’s long day (Joshua 10) meant that the sun and moon went around the earth, so Galileo couldn’t have been right. Of course, this doesn’t begin to prove that Evolution and long ages are facts (called a Straw Man Argument), but this was just a small part of Livio’s book.E=MC2

It is very exciting to me to realize just how much God loves math and used it to set up His universe. I’m not that great at math myself, but I remember how cool it was to figure out how algebra works (I just couldn’t remember how to do it the next day!). Here’s the fist paragraph of the Amazon review of Livio’s book:

“Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” in the formulation of the laws of nature. From ancient times to the present, scientists and philosophers have marveled at how such a seemingly abstract discipline could so perfectly explain the natural world. More than that — mathematics has often made predictions, for example, about subatomic particles or cosmic phenomena that were unknown at the time, but later were proven to be true….
how can it so accurately describe and even predict the world around us?”

Those who refuse to admit that there is a Creator have no answer to these questions. WE DO!!

The LORD possessed me [wisdom] in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. Proverbs 8:22-23

Hubble Deep Space Galaxies

Interestingly, there is one study of distant stars that ‘seems’ to have broken one of the laws of electromagnetic interaction. If you want to know what that means read this Article “for kids” and leave me a comment if you can explain it! The only thing I understand is that the way light from very distant stars is acting in the northern part of the sky is different from their southern sky cousins. There’s a good picture of this on a skeptic’s article showing the (very slight) variation in wave length.

That the constants of the universe would have one minor exception in very distant space fits what God has been telling us all along. And all I was looking for was info on how absolute these laws are!!!

Laws give God a place to hide

One more point on all of these clues in the Bible is the uncomfortable fact that God has chosen to almost always disguise Himself. God doesn’t want us to worship, serve, fear and love Him because we Must but because we Choose to. Although the Bible records a few times when God appeared to people in an unmistakable way, these times are always rare. Even then, people sometimes chose to refuse to honor God for who He is (Genesis 4:6; Daniel 5:5; Numbers 22:13+31:16).

Jesus said: But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. John 4:23

James Irwin, Lander, and Flag on Moon

Creationist Astronauts

Astronaut James Irwin gives salute beside U.S....

Astronaut James Irwin gives salute beside U.S. flag during lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) (Photo credit: George Eastman House)

The other day I saw an article over on Cowboy Bob’s Question Evolution website. He was talking about an article on one of America’s first astronauts, Colonel James Irwin, and his faith in Jesus, his Creator.

This got me thinking about astronauts and Jesus.

I’d remembered hearing the first broadcast from the moon was of the astronauts reading from Genesis chapter one. You can read about it on NASA: Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast. They hadn’t landed, but it was the first time human beings had orbited the moon and those verses are what they decided to share with the rest of us!

Here’s the audio people on earth heard:


English: Astronaut Edwin E.

Astronaut Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin

It turns out this event is just the start of the story. When the first two human beings did land on the moon, before stepping onto the surface, one of them took the time to celebrate his connection with Jesus. Buzz Aldrin had brought a little communion set (tiny wafer of bread and vial of wine) for when they’d safely arrived. So just before Armstrong stepped outside, telling us about his “one small step”, his fellow astronaut had dedicated himself again to his Savior and Maker.

These 5 men are just the beginning of the list of astronauts to recognize their Creator:

I found a treasure of info on The Christian Network:

Astronaut Charles Duke stated,

“I used to say I could live ten thousand years and never have an experience as thrilling as walking on the moon. But the excitement and satisfaction of that walk doesn’t begin to compare with my walk with Jesus, a walk that lasts forever.”

Addressing a joint session of Congress, September 16, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong stated:

“To those of you who have advocated looking high, we owe our sincere gratitude, for you have granted us the opportunity to see some of the grandest views of the Creator.”

And more on this article by Chuck Colson:

To look out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible.
– Astronaut John Glenn

It wasn’t just the first generation of space explorers willing to speak out either:

In 1983, Colonel Jack Lousma wrote about his experience of God in outer space and even the difference zero G had on his Bible reading routine.

Astronaut Michael P. Anderson, STS-107 payload...

Astronaut Michael P. Anderson, STS-107 payload commander, is pictured on the aft flight deck of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia.

Two of the astronauts who died when the Columbia crashed in 2003, Rick Husband and Michael Anderson, were members of the same church in Texas. I love this bit from the article remembering their lives:

“[Their pastor] said that although both men rarely told people that they were astronauts, they looked for opportunities to tell others about Christ.

English: Astronaut Patrick G. Forrester

Astronaut Patrick G. Forrester

Patrick Forrester, an astronaut on the shuttle Discovery in 2009, took a little piece of an airplane up with him. It was the plane Jim Elliot and Nate Saint flew as missionaries. Forrester thought this would be a great way to tell people about the need to go into all the world and tell others about Jesus!

Interestingly, I found out about Forrester on a page talking about the trouble atheists have given NASA for not muzzling the faith of their astronauts. The last thing the Enemy wants is for kids to find out how being in space makes God all the more real to many people!

I can’t find a page on this story, but you can listen to the broadcast like I did. Just back in 2013, an astronaut called Jim Dutton (who has piloted the shuttle Discovery), spent time on the International Space Station (ISS) and brought along some “light” reading on a CD. It was a copy of Dr. Walt Brown’s creationist book In The Beginning! How awesome is that?

This article is getting crazy long, but I have to include one last guy:

Colonel Jeffery N. Williams has spent a huge amount of time on the International Space Station. You can check out the badges he’s earned HERE.

What’s most exciting is you can read about his love for Jesus and outer space in a book he’s written called The Work of His Hands. You can order the book from the publisher, but I liked the Institute for Creation Research’s write-up about it best. Plus you can support their work that way.

Here’s a quote to get you started: First Things: An Amazing Story of Discovery and Faith: Colonel Jeff Williams’ Space Voyage

My relationship with God does not hinge on my looking at Earth from orbit and experiencing that “small whisper” that is so evident in creation. True, life-transforming faith in God and relationship with Him is based not on a whisper, but a shout—the shout of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, in His work on the cross as revealed in the supernatural revelation of the Bible.

« To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. » The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork. Psalm 19:1


There’s a Bible we left on the moon

Read about how God got through to Col. Irwin while he was on the moon to get him past just being a “bump on the log” Christian.

There’s a short article on Urban Christian News talking about all the Christians in space. Here’s the best bit:

“…religious objects–crosses, Bibles, icons, prayer cards–are among the most common personal items taken into space, said Johnson Space Center spokesman James Hartsfield.”

If you were on a tiny, thin, space craft, wouldn’t you want a close connection with the God Who is There- no matter where “there” is?

Interested in astronomy? You’ll want to join the 4th Day Alliance. They’ve got lots of great info including links to NASA’s Lost Bible Quotations

Mossy Rock Silhouette of Debaters

Is Focusing on Young Earth Creation a Distraction?

Debate Logo

Next week, a scientist with the Institute for Creation Research is participating in a debate with another Christian. Each man will be doing their best to prove their position is the most reasonable and the other’s is not only wrong, but damaging to Jesus’ kingdom.

What topic is so important believers are willing to hold a formal debate at a seminary to see who can convince more people?

Did God create the world by speaking it into existence in less than a week not too long ago? or did He use Evolution over millions of years to bring us to where we are today?

One of the things we are likely to hear from the Evolutionist is that focusing on Creationism, especially Young Earth Creationism, turns unbelievers away from Jesus. Christians who believe God used Evolution tell us

  • No one will take us seriously if we ignore science like we do
  • We make ourselves look unnecessarily foolish
  • We close people’s hearts to the gospel by focusing on such an unscientific interpretation of Genesis chapter one

Let’s see how well these ideas hold water when we look at them carefully.

English: A child's drawing of a scientist.Do Young Earth Creationists ignore science? I’ve collected a couple important links on my For Teens page. The first encourages young people who take Genesis at face value to enter the sciences. We need lots of new people to search for the truth we find in the natural world. Then the first link under the skeptics arguments shows just how many active scientists don’t believe in evolution.

We don’t ignore science, we just refuse to interpret it the way the world wants us to.


IMG_2603 (Photo credit: ~dolldreamer~)

The second point seems reasonable and serious. Who would put on a silly hat before heading out to witness? But, are we doing something unnecessary that could be avoided?

Here’s what God told us about how the world looks at everything He says, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” I Corinthians 1:18

The only way to avoid looking foolish to unbelievers is to never tell them about Jesus’ cross or anything else God considers important. The reality that Jesus is powerful enough to use words to create everything (John 1:1-4 and Genesis 1) is awfully important. If He made it, He owns it. If He didn’t, He doesn’t.

Contortionist, posed in studioSure, people will think we’re foolish, but they thought Jesus was crazy, too (John 10:20). What’s more, although people who reinterpret the days of Genesis to mean long ages or even evolution can’t, the rest of us see what they’re doing. To believe both millions of years and the Bible you have to be really good at mental gymnastics or give up.

The last point is the most serious of all. How horrifying it would be to have someone’s eternal soul at risk because I wouldn’t drop some picky detail! But is this the reality we face?

The other week I heard a testimony at church. This person was at their wits’ end and knew something in their life had to give. Here’s what they said, “it was either atheism, or Jesus. Evolution was stupid, so Jesus won.”

For several years now, this person has been following God more and more closely because they first acknowledged Him as Creator.

A few days later, I caught the trailer for Creation Today’s new movie on Genesis. They’re bringing us into the process by raising funds to add 3-D technology to make this a top notch movie experience. Turns out the director found Jesus when he realized there really was a Creator God.

Then, watching the Galapagos Islands movie, I heard a bit of the producer’s testimony. He found Christ by reading Henry Morris and George Whitcomb’s classic the Genesis Flood.

All three of these people directly tied their choice to follow Jesus to the Creation/Evolution debate.

The truth is, the closer we stick to God’s Word, the more His power can flow through us. A God strong enough to speak the universe into existence in a matter of hours is powerful enough to transform me.

For more, check out these articles:

Answers in Genesis: Feedback: Are We Wasting Our Time?

Wake Up Shepherds!

Seven reasons why we should not accept millions of years

Creation Ministries International: Hebrew scholar affirms Genesis (how Theistic Evolutionists have to turn their brains into pretzels)

Dr. Gurney a testimony of following God both as an Old Earth and then Young Earth Creationist

Kids’ Book Review: Timothy: A Little Fish with a Big Purpose

TimothyFish-CoverColorful illustrations and a gentle story of God working through little things make this book a delight for kids and parents.

This story was born when Pastor Brad Riley asked, “how did that fish end up with a coin in its mouth for Peter to fish out?” By showing us the fish’s viewpoint (Timothy in this case), he gives us an example of being “faithful in that which is least” and the backstory for a “coincidence” miracle children can understand.

I don’t want to give away the whole plot, but the thing I found most refreshing was how the story wasn’t driven by the main character doing something wrong. Instead, adventure finds him when he goes out of his way to follow his grandmother’s request to care for the local environment.

As with the best kids’ books, it isn’t the author who puts the story over the top, it’s the illustrator. The one Pastor Riley got is perfect. His style is cartoony enough it didn’t bother me at all to have Peter and Jesus portrayed. The watery environments are lovely and you can’t help liking Timothy.

My kids were so enchanted, they begged for the story again the next evening, which is a first for any book I’ve tried to share with them on the computer.

Pastor Riley and Gary Heiney, founder of Samuel's House Orphanage

Pastor Riley and Gary Heiney, founder of Samuel’s House Orphanage

I didn’t get a paper copy of the book to review, but just a download. I’m not completely sure why, but my guess is this keeps overhead low so they can send more money where they really want it to go. Namely, 25% of the proceeds from Timothy the Fish go to help an orphanage in Venezuala. You can find out more about this on Brad Riley’s Amazon author page.

OK, I’ve been careful to start with the half of me that just loved the book. Now for the other half that’s had a bit of a tough time with it.

Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee. Matthew 17:27

The book messes with the verse! If you can’t stand watching Veggie Tales Bible stories or movies where Moses is raised by Pharoah’s wife instead of daughter, this book will drive you crazy. It’s not too hard to figure out why a kids’ story from the fish’s perspective didn’t want to put a hook in his mouth, though.

I ran into the book’s facebook page and was able to ask if the change was purposeful or not. I got an answer and my hunch was right, he didn’t want to traumatize the poor kids. As long as your children learn what Jesus really said from you, I don’t think the slight deviation is going to mess with them. 🙂

My other wish was to have had a hand in the editing before the book came out. You know how English teachers are always getting their feathers ruffled by bad grammar? This book has fine grammar and such, but it could have used a fair amount of word trimming and a few more explanations.

There was even one point I couldn’t suspend my disbelief. It doesn’t take more than a split second to feel terror that you’re about to die. Don’t tell me Timothy didn’t have time to feel frightened, tell me a strange peace filled him despite the danger!

In closing, when I opened the Amazon author page I was shocked to see such a young writer. The story feels like it is being told by a grandpa: warm, wise, and comforting.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this story in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Reasons for the Hope Within Me

English: William Tyndale, Protestant reformer ...

William Tyndale, Bible translator. One who was “absolutely confident” to the death

Yesterday I got a most interesting message on facebook. A creation doubter said he was interested in my answer to the question of why I am “absolutely confident” in my beliefs. I’d like to tell him thank you for such an awesome opportunity. We are commanded by God to “be ready always to give an answer for the hope [confident expectation] that lies within you.” I Peter 3:15 This is the first time I’ve gotten to give that answer!

First, I need to make an observation about today’s Western intellectual culture. It is considered a virtue and honor to rely on one’s own thinking to decide what is right and important for yourself. To rely on some authority (other than one’s modern peers) is to be weak-minded and backwards. God calls this foolishness and arrogance.

At the same time, to be fully convinced that one has found unchanging truth is considered highly arrogant. Doubt is, for them, perhaps the highest virtue of all. In their view, to say “I could be wrong about everything” is to be truly humble.

But no one actually lives like this. Mathematicians rely on unchanging constants as the foundation for every equation they ever work. Engineers assume the tests performed on the materials and shapes they work with will continue to follow the same laws into the future to build safe structures. Scientists fully expect an experiment done in the exact same way, under the exact same circumstances to have the exact same result. If it doesn’t they look for some unknown variable. They don’t just write it off as “the rules of physics changed since last time”.

Every person trusts so completely in gravity they aren’t fearful to leave their home. They know the power won’t suddenly stop causing them to tumble off the planet at any moment. We all are “absolutely confident” about any number of daily realities. If we weren’t, we would be huddled in our beds in constant terror.

Now to the question:

Yes, I am absolutely, 100%, I will die rather than admit any doubt, confident that God is who He says He is, has done the things He claims to have done, and will bring me into His heavenly home the moment my mortal life is over.

Here’s why:

  • I’ve experienced God. I know Him. I’ve trusted in Him, talked to Him, and seen Him work in, through, and for me. There have been times in my life when there was every earthly reason to be terrified and Jesus has filled me with peace. Often His peace came hours, days, or even years before the proof of why I needn’t worry came into being. Just this past week I’ve turned over rather serious concerns to God’s control, experienced His peace, and am starting to see glimpses of how He’s going to work things out.

I would give you specifics, but each case involves others who haven’t given me permission to share.

At other times, things don’t end up with a “happy ending” by the world’s standards. This is perhaps when I feel God’s presence the most clearly. Jesus is described as a “man of sorrows”. When I am in pain from any grief or loss, I sense His care and sharing in my pain. He helps me to walk through the darkness, keeping my sanity and finding joy when happiness is a distant memory.

  • I’ve also seen God at work in other’s lives. My husband was a grieving, bitter alcoholic in his youth. Jesus got a hold of him and turned his life completely around. Instead of focusing on his own pain and desires, he now focuses on the needs of others, living a life characterized by peace and joy. Hundreds of people knew him before and can testify to the transformation in his life.

My family works with people suffering from serious mental illness. I’ve watched hundreds of people with bipolar and schizophrenia turn over their hearts and minds to Jesus. Slowly they stabilize to the point where they not only don’t end up the hospital often, but they are reaching out to people around them being a blessing and exuding joy.

I fully expect you to write each of these off as mental exercises or coincidences that don’t require any god. Here’s the thing: I can’t put into words what is really going on. When a person believes in Jesus they receive a completely new dimension to their lives a unbeliever can’t imagine.

I’d like to give you an analogy of what I’m trying to describe:

The blind leading the blind

The blind leading the blind (Photo credit: Squonk11)

Imagine a valley where everyone is born blind. They’ve learned to survive as they are, although the large boulders scattered everywhere do cause them problems.

One day, a soft voice whispers to people going about their business, “I am the Eye Doctor. Come to me and I can restore your sight.”

Many people ignore his call, pretending they didn’t hear it, or that the words are nonsense. But a few are interested enough to follow the voice, including you. Gently, the Eye Doctor shares the unknown realm of sight and the beauties awaiting those who have their sight restored. He explains that if you will trust him, he can replace your defective eyes and then begin the long process of building brain connections to allow you to comprehend what you’re seeing.

You decide to trust the Eye Doctor enough to allow him to perform surgery on your eyes. It’s over in an instant. Even from the first moment a previously unimaginable world of color floods you. It’s overwhelming!

Daisies in dew 2

Daisies in dew 2 (Photo credit: aprilmo)

Over the next few months, the Eye Doctor works with you, building up connections so your brain can understand the information your new eyes are sending you. Suddenly the world is brimming with beauties. The tiniest flower, blade of grass, and rock are gems bringing great delight. More than this is the joy of getting to know the one who gave you this gift. He speaks to you, guides you, and explains to you why you are the way you are. Even knowing your weakness, he loves you. The feeling is like nothing you’ve ever imagined before.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Parable of the ...

One day, you realize you can recognize the faces of those around you. You can see them blundering around, slamming into rocks, hurting themselves and others. The next day, you try to warn someone carrying a small child that they are about to fall over a rock. A little later, someone carrying a heavy load heads for yet another boulder and you call out in alarm. To your surprise their response isn’t gratitude, it’s annoyance at your bossiness.

Many people begin to avoid you and you start noticing angry expressions on people’s faces even when they remain silent. It hurts.

But then there’s a face that looks right at you. This has never happened before! So, you move around to see if they just happened to be turned your direction. No, this person follows your quiet movements. You smile at them. They smile back. It’s another person who’s been to the Eye Doctor! Oh, the joy, oh the fellowship! Finally, someone who understands the wonder of what’s happened to you.

The next day, a group comes to you and grabs your arm. They drag you to the council and demand you cease and desist your bothering of the good citizens of the country. “There is no such thing as sight. There is no such thing as color!” they cry. “If you insist upon your delusional beliefs, we will ban you from the valley. Admit you were wrong, or suffer exile.”

Are you in any doubt about what has happened to you? Not a bit.

Are you tempted to pretend it was all a lie? Just a little. Being exiled is a serious thing.

But then you see the Eye Doctor standing behind the crowd. He has his hand out, ready to walk with you into exile and care for you. All fear fades and you speak calmly and boldly, “I know whom I’ve believed, and am absolutely confident he is real and what he has given me is real. There is sight and there is color. I only wish you would come experience it with me.”

This analogy is my own, but the Bible often refers to people outside of Christ as “blind”. Jesus Himself said He is the light of the world. Another word picture God uses is to “pass from death into life”. The difference between death and life is not something someone can describe to a person who’s only known death.

Do I think this testimony will change my correspondent’s heart and mind? No. People have free will and adults have a lot invested in the life they have chosen. But, I also believe in the Holy Spirit. He is the one who shines the light of Jesus into hearts, and for some reason, He often chooses to work through ordinary words.

People praying at the Cenacle in Jerusalem.

So, all of you who have been to “the Eye Doctor”, I ask you to pray for my friend. If it was just me, I would ban any opposing view on sight, it “isn’t good for my blood pressure“. But taking the time to share with each person who comes to me is a sacrifice of love I make to the Creator God who “isn’t willing that any should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Peter 3:8

For another take on the experience of knowing God, check out Creation Clues: The Little Things

Creation Hymn: I Believe In Miracles

Creation shows the power of God
There’s glory all around,
And those who see must stand in awe,
For miracles abound.

I believe in miracles
I’ve see a soul set free,
Miraculous the change in one
Redeemed through Calvary;
I’ve seen the lily push its way
Up through the stubborn sod
I believe in miracles
For I believe in God!

I cannot doubt the work of God
It’s plain for all to see;
The miracles that He has wrought
Should lead to Calvary.

I believe in miracles
I’ve see a soul set free,
Miraculous the change in one
Redeemed through Calvary;
I’ve seen the lily push its way
Up through the stubborn sod
I believe in miracles
For I believe in God!

The love of God! O power divine!
Tis wonderful to see
The miracle of grace performed
Within the heart of me.

I believe in miracles
I’ve see a soul set free,
Miraculous the change in one
Redeemed through Calvary;
I’ve seen the lily push its way
Up through the stubborn sod
I believe in miracles
For I believe in God!

John Peterson

Snowdrops in Lothersdale Churchyard

Mossy Rock

A Scientist’s Prayer

Yesterday someone was looking for this prayer and ended up on my Pray For Us page. I don’t think that was what they were searching for, but it got me thinking. What should scientists, and anyone else thinking scientifically, ask God to help them with? Here are some of my thoughts and I’d love to add any more you all come up with as well.

Dear Creator God,

Scientist observing cowpea leaf under microsco...

(Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

Today I’m seeking to understand more about you and the way you made the world. I know your thoughts are as high above mine as the heavens are above the earth (Isaiah 55:9), but I also know you love to fill us with your wisdom when we ask for it (James 1:5).

I come to you knowing you have all the power and authority (Matthew 28:18); it is only when I fear you and place my mind under yours that I can really know anything (Proverbs 1:7). Remembering you is also what I need to develop theories and think through how to use the facts I uncover (Proverbs 8:12).

Soil Scientist at Work (9)

(Photo credit: Soil Science @ NC State)

Thank you, Jesus, for being the root and foundation of science (John 1:1-4 The Word= λόγος). Thank you for translating God’s truth into a language we can understand (John 1:14; John 14:9). Please guide my thoughts and actions to the best ways to uncover the truth.

Bless me with wisdom to see what natural people would never dream of looking for.

Most of all, Lord God, I ask that all I discover may reveal more of your glory. May we recognize in a deeper way your genius, orderliness (I Corinthians 14:33), and beauty (Psalm 27:4).

For yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever (Matthew 6:13). Amen

Johannes Kepler engraving

Johannes Kepler

“Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it befits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God.” –Johannes Kepler

“Without Him I understand nothing; without Him all is darkness… Every period has its manias. I regard Atheism as a mania. It is the malady of the age. You could take my skin from me more easily than my faith in God.” –Henri Fabre

Galileo Galilei, a renowned Italian scientist ...

Galileo Galilei

the glory and greatness of Almighty God are marvellously discerned in all his works and divinely read in the open book of heaven. For let no one believe that reading the lofty concepts written in that book leads to nothing further than the mere seeing of the splendour of the sun and the stars and their rising and setting, which is as far as the eyes of brutes and of the vulgar can penetrate…” –Galileo Galilei

Lacy Ferns

Are You Sure You Trust God’s Word?

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, is an image of a ...

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. Genesis 1:14-19

This passage is one of the most mind-blowing of all the things God ever tells us. Every time we invent a better telescope, we find the universe is bigger and has more stuff in it than we could have dreamed!

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

Galaxies are so large that stars can be considered particles next to them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people have found what God tells us here too hard to accept. How could such a huge space be filled in just one day? Surely it had to take billions of years since we can see billions of light years into space!

There are answers to this problem, but at some point it all comes down to one thing: are you going to trust people and what your eyes can see, or God? Will you choose to believe what we can imagine is the limit of what is possible? Or will you admit God is way bigger, smarter, and more powerful than you can picture?

Do you find my brain? - Auf der Suche nach mei...

(Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)

This week, the Bible Science Guy started a series about a 12 year old who was able to stump one of our up-and-coming Creation apologists (no, he doesn’t say “sorry” all the time; he explains why believing in God the Creator makes sense). One of the things you’ll notice right away is how much faith the young man puts in his own ability to think and understand.

After we have decided God is smarter than we are, then we can start to see all kinds of reasons why what He says makes sense. My favorite post of all shows you where God told us the basic way He made such a huge universe in a tiny bit of time. I’m working on a post telling what we really know about stars forming today. But none of this will convince someone who won’t let God be smarter than they are.

Today’s Creationists aren’t the only ones who know the size and age of the universe is one of the most important places to trust God. God himself uses it to remind people He is smarter than people are:

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9

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Can YOU Spot Them?

Can You Spot the Common Ancestors? Part 2

Warning: this post is really long, but it’s got an important point at the end. You can make it!

All right, let’s get back to our hunt for a common ancestor for seagulls!

English: Modified version of http://en.wikiped...

After the grouping Theropoda on the Tree of Life Web Project we are still following a “containing group”. No one is willing to say which one of these organisms is their grandparents at all. Next comes Dinosauria, which is easy to figure out, but have you ever heard which one is supposed to be their ancestor?

On that page there’s a name where two branches join, “Saurischia”. Could it be a dino they believe turned into the others? When you search around for what “saurischia” means, it’s just another group name. No dinosaur has that name for itself.

Next comes Archosauria, which doesn’t have a chart again. Let’s see what we find on the next link with the tongue twister name Archosauromorpha. Oooh! Look at this:

UofC Museum of Paleontology: The phylogenetic definition of Archosauria is the most recent common ancestor of birds and crocodiles, and all of its descendants.

We’ve got a common ancestor! But what does the Tree of Life page show? A single animal? It does have a picture of a bird (it’s a cormorant), which is supposed to have evolved from dinosaurs, it can’t be the dinosaurs’ common ancestor. There’s also a list of all different forms of extinct creatures, but no sign that one of them was the original version they all developed from. 🙁


Next comes the “containing group”, Diapsida which has a connecting chart. At the top, those archosauromorphia are connected to other lizard types with a line labeled “sauria“. Think this will be a common ancestor? A dictionary tells us “saurian” is just the ancient name for lizards.

We still are using classifications (except lumping birds in) that a creationist would have no problem with and no hint of a single “common ancestor”. This is getting discouraging.

Oh, goody, Amniota, has two names where branches come together towards the “first living cell”: Romeriida and Reptilia. The only websites using the term Romeriida (not a commonly used name) were Evolutionary wikis, so I won’t link to them. Mostly they talked about a group of “earliest form reptiles” but didn’t pick one out. They did list one particular fossil “Romeria” but said it has been thrown out as a possible common ancestor.

As for “Reptilia”, you can figure this one out; it just means “reptiles”.

Terrestrial Vertebrates  is the containing group for Amniota and gives us two more names where branches meet: Reptilomorpha and Tetrapoda. I bet you know what the first one means “has the form of a reptile”. It is not a particular animal. Neither is “tetrapoda“:

Hynerpeton bassetti, a basal tetrapoda from th...

Hynerpeton bassetti, a “basal tetrapoda” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dictionary Tetrapod: any vertebrate having four limbs or, as in the snake and whale, having had four-limbed ancestors.

I would disagree with them on the whale, but you get the idea.

The terrestrial vertebrates page is perfect for showing what a common ancestor ought to look like. See all those branching steps? Each place where the lines jo
in should be a real animal, but all the lines are blank; they don’t try to make any suggestions on what any of them could be.

The Sarcopterygii group is listed under the Gnathostomata group that has several more groups on the lines. What do you think of that “Node 1”. That’s an strange scientific term.

The Vertebrata  page turns out to have 3 of these Nodes. Below the chart is a list of what they mean. Turns out they are just more ways to organize animals. Except for the way they draw lines showing they believe “Node 1” turned into “Node 2” Creationists would probably set this up the same way.

A family Tree

What a real family Tree looks like

On to Craniata (we have to be getting there soon!), this is the grouping for any animal with a skull. Then comes Chordata, or, any animal with a spinal column. No common ancestor there. Deuterostomia doesn’t make a suggestion either.

I’m guessing most of you are taking my word for it on most of these links, but I’d really like you to click on Bilateria. See those short lines, white space, followed by a question mark and short lines on the right? That’s the way a creationist would set up all the genaeologies for creatures once you get to the “kind” level. They started on Creation Days 4, 5, or 6 from ancestors who already looked something like their grandchildren today (or would if they’d survived).

You don’t even need an explanation for the next page name, Animals. We know they can’t be talking about some particular version (except maybe a puppet) and the next, Eukaryotes, is just a fancy way to say ‘any creature whose cells have a nucleus’.

This page is followed by a page titled Life on Earth. That is not the name of a common ancestor! And when we click on the arrow to the left we find…. there isn’t a link. It just has an arrow to nothing.

What do we see in all this exhausting search? The Evolutionists think we’re crazy for believing in a genius Creator God. They say any one with a brain knows life can develop all by itself from nothing. They claim the facts are all on their side and we Christians only have blind faith.

Looking at the Tree of Life website, who has faith, even when things become crazy for thinking that way? Are the facts really on their side?

O LORD, how your works are multiplied! in wisdom you made them all: the earth is full of your riches. Psalm 104:24 

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