Pyramids of Giza, Wikimedia

Ancient Optics

Nazca Lines - Spider

Nazca Lines – Spider (Photo credit: CB Photography)

One of the very cool things I’ve learned in the past year or so is just how small of things that the ancients could see.  The first time I heard about this ability was when I learned about the Nazca Lines of Peru.  These are actually huge, shallow ditches carved out of the desert plain.  The pictures we can still see are of a sorts of things including a monkey, condor and this spider.It’s impossible to see on the picture I found for my post, but if you click on the spider picture I got from the the Wikipedia page, you will see that one leg has a long bend that extends far beyond the carefully carved legs on the rest of the drawing.  (more…)

Pyramids of Giza, Wikimedia

Ancient Technology

This is one of my favorite subjects and seems to be fascinating to all of you as well.  It is thrilling to see just how smart our great, great, great,…..grandparents actually were! These posts are in published order: Creationist’s Prediction No. 3 The Piri Reis Map Ancient Optics with its follow-up Read more…