“Then what the [Bible] has taught us is real”

It’s a busy day here, but I wanted to pass on what I just read from Creation Ministries International. last Spring, my kids and I read a similar, although less dramatic, account by another Wycliffe missionary in the Philippines. The village elder that had taken Joanne Shetler under his wing loved the genealogy of Jesus so much that he kept the list of names with him to show to everyone he met.

new guinea fishermen

There is great power in the historical documentation all the way through the Bible, especially the names that show Jesus really IS our brother!

How the Binumarien people of New Guinea discovered Jesus is real

BTW this is a great story to read to your kids when you prepare to read the genealogical sections of the Bible. We may not know anything about many of those people today, but we know they lived and we will see many someday and hear their stories!

For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth. Psalm 33:4