Taking a Gospel Creation Vacation

And any time you are around people…

Thrill Ride Queue, Photo Credit: Sebastian Ballard

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I was talking with the Creation Science 4 Kids Club facebook group* about the people we tell about God as Creator. Most of us have kids at home, some share at church, some are even brave enough to get involved online. But it also got me to thinking about talking about Jesus as both Savior and Creator with the people we meet in person around us.

Me, I’m quiet. Not exactly shy, but I assume others are like me and would rather go about their lives peacefully and happily. But this isn’t true for those who don’t have Jesus. They can’t have real, heart-level peace without Jesus. Nor can they be happy no matter what life throws at them.

What to do?

Here are a few ways people are sharing in the real world right now

Tompkins_Square_Big_Dog_RunWilliam Pelletier, Ph.D., aka the Bible Science Guy, got his wife a dog and they named it Kepler. Dogs naturally make people more social and you add a love of camping and a name that sparks conversation to it and you get a huge number of opportunities to share about God!

Debunk Evolution wristbands

Pat Roy, founder of the Jonathan Park series and Creation Quest, is also working on a program for teens. He stirred up a fuss ordering wristbands with the website www.debunkevolution.com on them. The point of the wristbands is to not just start conversations, but also to work like a tract:

If someone shows interest, hand them your wristband. They aren’t likely to just toss it out, and there’s a good chance they will visit the website (and the wristband makes sure they know how to get there).

Normally, those wristbands get on my nerves (literally), but when my set comes, I’m going to start wearing them so I can help out. Want to help? The end of the facebook article tells you where to email a request for some.

God's Journey for Man T Shirt

click to buy (not an affiliate link, I just like their stuff!)

Eric Hovind loves T shirts. A few years ago they had an Earth Day shirt design contest. Now they have a design that makes people look twice and think. You don’t need to say a word!

Want something more feminine? Answers in Genesis has a fuchsia colored T-Shirt (affiliate link) I’ll be checking out. 🙂

email signature

I’ve done something simple, but even more automatic. Sure, putting my website in the signature line at the bottom of emails is good for my business, but before I had my own website, I still put Bible verses in. Nowadays, it’s super easy to paste in a website address, either to a home page or a particularly good article into the signature section. Then every time you send an email, your reader has a chance to find out why science is so clearly pointing to Jesus.

How to make this work

Got plans to go to an amusement park this summer? Perhaps the beach, mall, zoo, museum? (I’d love to get all decked out in creation gear and go to a natural history museum, wouldn’t you?) 😀

All you have to do is get dressed, pray, and be ready to answer.

BTW If you are new to creation science, one of the fastest ways to get up to speed on the basics is my free eBook. A decent reader can get through it in an hour and be on your way!

Yes, there is a chance you’ll hear some foul language, but there is also a good chance you and your family may help wake people up to the truth.

This is a battle of the mind

Celtic Cross silhouette

Much as the western world wants to deny it, there is such a thing as truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But many people won’t even consider the claims of the Gospel until they understand the claims he has as Creator.

If Christianity is man made, what’s the point?

If it is the message of the One Who Owns the Whole Place, that’s a whole different story.

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: II Peter 3:15

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