I’ve been focusing on this topic for a week over on facebook.  Romans 1 tells us that the heart of people’s rejection of God is their refusal to be grateful for all God has done.  It makes sense that the first sign of our humility and submission to our Creator God is thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all those who follow Jesus!



Cheri Fields

I'm a homeschooling blogger and book writer. The gift God has given me for His kingdom is to understand complex stuff (mostly) and share it with others using everyday words. It is a joy to share God's wonders with all kinds of people and especially the next generation!


Lyn Leahz · at

God bless you! You and your family have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving in Christ Jesus, and every day after that…continue being blessed! Hugs and love from me to you! ♥♥♥

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