That’s the “working title,” anyway.

Typewriter adler3It’s been close to a year since starting this blog and all along I’ve been wondering if and when God would give me a book idea. My situation is a little complicated because I really want another baby and when my body is providing for a new little one, my brain fries! As you can see, it’s not permanent, but it gets pretty bad for a few months (not to mention after the baby comes!). So, I haven’t focused on a big goal for fear of getting myself in for more than I can handle.

SKY U KIdsTwo weeks ago, the idea came anyway. A good friend of my daughter’s came for a sleepover. She’s 10 years old, thoughtful, kind, and very much in love with Jesus. But her parents are too busy to take her to church themselves, let alone give her a Christian education or guide her in her faith. Having read the book Already Gone, I know the statistics are very much against her still being a good friend for my daughter in just a few years. That thought breaks my heart!

So I looked around for a simple but powerful book for kids like her. What can caring people give the millions of kids who love Jesus at 10 years old but have less than ideal home lives?

  • It has to be inexpensive, so a church could buy a bunch to have on hand when they see a need.
  • The book needs to cover much more than Evolution. It is wonderful to see how Answers in Genesis, Creation Today, the Institute for Creation Science, and others are recognizing the attack is on more than just God as Creator. It is also aimed at God as Author and Authority as well. So, topics like ‘is the Bible accurate about history we can check out?’ need to be covered, too.
  • It would be great to show how many scientists they study about believed the Bible. Even today, there are 1,000s of scientists who believe the world is only millennia old. Real science and the Bible get along more than fine; they support and encourage each other!
  • All of this has to be in an easy-to-read format: no big words (without explanations) and as interesting a layout as possible. This is for a kid whose parents aren’t involved.

Only a couple of books come anywhere close to matching this description. So, that’s what I’ve been busy planning. A lot of areas to include are already covered here, but there are a few I want to polish up. Dr. John Ashton of Evolution Impossible has already agreed to help me and I just sent an e-mail to another group for info. ASAP, I’m hoping to put together a mockup to send to AiG, Creation Today, and eventually Master Books.

I know getting in with Master Books is a long shot, but I’m not writing this for fame, I’m writing this for impact and they are the most recognized name in the field. We’ll see, because I don’t have enough followers to get free books to review, let alone talk them into taking on my book.

Getting accepted by a publisher and a lot of other things are in God’s hands. My part right now is to write for my daughter’s friend and all the other kids like her.

Watch out so you don’t despise one of these little ones; for I tell you, That in heaven their angels  always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven. For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. Matthew 18:10,11

PS the manuscript is all finished now (May 2013) and I’m praying for Master Books to take it on!

Here are some posts covering topics I’m planning to include:

Stretching the Heavens

Ancient Technology (sort of): Musical Scales

The Whole World Knows the Mountains were Underwater

How to Read a Typical Geology Article

Species: How Many Bats did Noah Need on the Ark?

Human Language

Ancient Technology: Farming Terraces

And lots more. I’m hoping to cram all this in around 100 short pages! God, help me!

Cheri Fields

I'm a homeschooling blogger and book writer. The gift God has given me for His kingdom is to understand complex stuff (mostly) and share it with others using everyday words. It is a joy to share God's wonders with all kinds of people and especially the next generation!


Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections · at

It looks like a good idea! I hope Master Books agrees to publish it! I can already think of people I could give it to 🙂

    Cheri Fields · at

    Thanks! I’m praying it will be used by camps, VBSs, kids Bible clubs,… not to mention busy pastors. 😉

BibleScienceGuy · at

Great book idea! It’s sorely needed. Another title option is “Jesus Loves Science.” People are often hesitant to criticize Jesus, even when they don’t believe in Him. It might be a fresher angle than “Bible-Science” which has been heavily used for years. A while back I wrote a newspaper column titled What Does Jesus Think of Science? which might have some useful ideas.

    Cheri-CreationScience4Kids · at

    Interesting take. I’ve obviously been influenced by the “biblical authority” mantra, but who gives the Bible its authority?
    I think you’re probably right. Plus, kids aren’t scared of Jesus. Thanks for the input! 🙂

Lyn Leahz · at

Check out westbow press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

    Cheri-CreationScience4Kids · at

    Westbow, I’d not run into that one. I DO know Thomas Nelson, Zondervan and some others are going through buy-out turmoil, but I’ll check them out. Thanks! 🙂

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