Tuvurvur volcano - part of Rabaul Caldera –– P...Did you know somewhere around 80% of the volcanic eruptions take place under water? Even today, sea volcanoes are actively changing the crust of the earth and influencing our world.

My kids and I were learning about earth history using an Usborne book, so I could show them what most western children are being taught.

  • We briefly mentioned things from how they can “know” what the core of the earth is like when
    English: extinction of dinosaurs in Deccan Tra...

    artist’s rendition of dinosaur extinction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    it’s impossible to send a probe so deep.

  • We talked about Pangea (or Gondwana) and the guesses of the continents having been all in one place in the past
  • We looked at the timeline chart showing early sea creatures with a fish dragging itself onto the land.
  • We saw the giant bugs and reptiles earth used to be filled with
  • We read the different theories for the extinction of the dinosaurs and “75%” of earth’s species (See my post on surviving species HERE)

Then we talked about the volcanoes geologists know were very active in the past and the Ice Age we all know happened.

The wonderful thing is how straightforward explaining geology and glaciology is from a biblical perspective. You can read more about the Ice Age in my mini-series: Part 1 and Part 2

The most fun part was finding videos online so we could watch mini volcanoes erupting underwater today!

Study Guide:

  • There is a lot of gas in magma. What are we pretty sure it’s mostly made of? _________
  • Where did a lot of the water for the Flood come from? See Genesis 7: 11 ________________
  • Could it be some of that water didn’t get out during the Flood? ____


There’s another short video of a boatload of people watching an eruption close to the surface. You can see the steam, dust, and power of a tiny eruption happening right in front of you. (BTW, I would have started the boat turning about 15 seconds before the guy noticed. Wild nature isn’t a safe place!)

Creation Science Today (a ministry new to me) has a cool computer simulation of earth’s cross-section before, during, and after the Flood. It’s simplified, as all replicas must be, but effective. They just don’t mention the subterranean water chambers Dr. Walt Brown does so well. Scroll 2/3s down THIS PAGE to see what I mean.

The LORD sits upon the flood; yes, the LORD sits King for ever. Psalm 29:10

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