One of the other Creation facebook pages shared the video below with Dr. Steve Austin earlier today. I really enjoyed following his step by step exposing the nature of coal and the rock formations it is found in. In fact, it was so good I’m passing it on to you.

The only problem was, it was “dull” enough to send my kids running in less than a minute. You don’t have to be a grown up to appreciate what Dr. Austin shares, but you probably need to be at least 12.

This got me thinking about my “for teens” page under Links at the top of my blog. It had only one link for the longest time, and I just added the Young Scientists Wanted article last week. Why not add this video and as many other collections as I can find to that page?

So, that’s just what I’ve done. I haven’t watched them all for myself by any means, but I’m reasonably sure these are all worth your time. Best, they’re all FREE! Some of these, like Dr. Austin’s video, are detailed enough to count as school work for you home educators.

I’ve only spent about an hour searching around for other groups that I wasn’t already aware of, and am sure there are some other videos that would be worth adding. If you know of some, please drop me a line!


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