Thanks to a doting grandma, my family got a set of these 3 videos for Christmas. We finally remembered to pull them out the other night and quickly devoured them!

I’m planning to make a page of recommended resources so you all can make well-informed decisions on how to spend your valuable money. This set will make it on the list, probably on the 2nd rank just under the “GET THIS FOR SURE” necessities. 😀

Here’s why. I learned stuff from these films. Rather a lot of stuff, way more than I expected to since animals are a favorite subject of mine. That puts it firmly in the “get this to share with your local group” category by itself.

Then there is the filming. Some parts come across at less than BBC and National Geographic quality, but that didn’t bother my kids. Sometimes it is nice to spend a few minutes just hanging out with manatees and giraffes without something dramatic happening or being yanked on to the next jaw dropper after just a few seconds. There was one spot on the 3rd video with horses that could make you ill if you’re prone to that, but it was just for a few moments.

I was a bit surprised when my kids volunteered to put in the 2nd video the day after watching the 1st. Although I had found the information interesting, it hadn’t seemed nearly as exciting as their usual kid’s animal programs. But, even my younger boys wanted to see it and all but the 2-year-old stayed to watch the whole show. That put the ranking higher by itself.

Besides cool nature footage, these videos are built around the testimony and teaching of Dr. Jobe Martin. It’s rather like listening in to a lecture with really good graphics. At first I considered this a drawback to recommendation, but I’ve been thinking about his style for a bit now and here are my thoughts.


One of the most important things to guarding our minds and training our children to guard their minds is to learn how to think. Dr. Martin was fully immersed in the Evolutionary worldview for a number of years, he knows how they explain everything. He also understands the void such thinking leaves.

Every video opens with Dr. Martin’s testimony, although it is presented in more detail in the 1st one. It was the complete lack of ability to explain animal’s survival features that eventually forced him to look for a different answer to explain reality. Praise the Lord, his search eventually led him to Jesus Christ as the solution to the puzzle of life.

I suppose it could get old listening to Dr. Martin point out how impossible it is for Evolutionary thinking to account for feature after feature. The way he does it isn’t grating, though, and I have the feeling hearing this line of thinking repeatedly will be helpful to my kids. Without having to think about it, they will be aware of some of the major hurdles blocking the way for any animal to develop from a less complicated one.

Some of the other materials I plan to recommend are going to be over my kids’ heads until they reach their teens. These videos meet them where they are. Even a 5-year-old animal lover can begin to see how much more sense it makes to believe in a “genius” Designer than random chance.

It is also a lovely break to have piece of media that already has praise for our Creator God built into it. This is true of every video put out in the creation science field, but it is important to consider as well.

You can watch the 1st film through Netflix (with snide reviews on the order page) or purchase the set for yourself. There are more places you can get these (my mom got them at AiG) but CBD has the best price (surprise, surprise) and Creation Today is the one I’d appreciate you helping out if you can spare a couple extra dollars.

“Do you find food for the lions?
    Do you feed their hungry babies? Job 38:39

Who feeds the ravens when their babies cry out to God
    and wander around without food? Job 38:41

“Have you given the horse its strength
    or clothed its neck with a flowing mane? Job 39:19

Cheri Fields

I'm a homeschooling blogger and book writer. The gift God has given me for His kingdom is to understand complex stuff (mostly) and share it with others using everyday words. It is a joy to share God's wonders with all kinds of people and especially the next generation!


Lee · at

I have shown excerpts of these videos to our “Young at Heart” (over 55) group several times. They are fantastic. Love the Woodpecker segment.

    Cheri-CreationScience4Kids · at

    So do I. I wish he would do another more detailed study of birds eggs. The bits he has about birds are some of the most fascinating of all!

erickr · at

We have all three of these and they have powerfully affected myself and our family. I completely agree in recommending them! Thanks for all you do. As always, you are a blessing!

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